Curves and Contours: A Confident Body with Spot-Hitting Treatments 

Curves and Contours: A Confident Body with Spot-Hitting Treatments

Often, it’s round about now the winter calories start to cloud our thinking. It’s been months of warming comfort foods, mugs of hot chocolate and extra cappuccinos to fight the winter fatigue. And that’s okay. It’s the same story come summer, right? Only replace ice lollies with pancakes and strawberry daiquiris with fireside tea and biscuits. Need a health boost to enhance your shape? From cellulite treatment to body contouring (and even butt lifts), now’s the best time to shift into feeling less focused on calorie remorse and zone in on targeted treatments. Time to tackle those curves and contours!


Boosting Body Confidence: Curve And Contour Conditions 

Ready to throw off those coats and cardies? If you’re desperate to shed your bootleg jeans for Spring/ Summer’s Bermuda shorts, the warmer weather is coming. And yes, exposure to sunlight does release serotonin; however, this happy hormone may not leave you feeling body confident. Body image is linked to low self-esteem, so realising how whole and awesome you are is extremely important as you navigate the world of body treatments. Think about it this way: if these innovative treatments weren’t available, would you be less amazing and also far more frustrated?


Definitely not! See them as tools to use on your very personal journey. And that’s the start of deciding what you’d like to work on. Finding your sweet spot means loving your body first; although you can always enhance or smooth those curves, but it’s not about losing a lot of weight. It’s about targeting cellulite for feeling more comfortable in a bikini or lifting that butt after baby number three. Embrace your body, boost any bugbears and make it – entirely – about you! 


Treatments That Hit The Spot: Contouring, Mesotherapy and More

For many women, it’s a specific spot that stands out albeit unique to each person. What’s the deal with curves that won’t play ball on your tummy, hips or thighs? Hate the phrase “muffin top”? Us too! But these little stubborn pockets of fat – that are so hard to spin away – benefit from targeted contouring treatments like Endymed Contour


This heat-meets-pulsed vacuum tech is safe for all skin types and helps break down fatty tissue and cellulite. Bingo! And yes, you can use it on those too. Ideal for arms, knees, inner and outer thighs, tummy and décolleté, it’s a full body shaper that works on a smoother silhouette. And so does Mesotherapy. For cellulite treatment, it helps rev up the production of collagen for skin that’s stronger with a better tone and texture. With different ingredients in the mix, Mesotherapy can focus on the symptoms affecting you where you need it most. Also, think about health.


Have you heard of metabolic detoxification? An expert in well-being can take you through how your body processes unwanted chemicals via elimination and how this impacts your overall health. Like hormonal imbalances, that, in turn, affect cellulite. See the vicious circle here? 


What’s The Last Word On Curves And Contours

Because ultimately the relationship with your body is a lifelong journey. As a result, you’re in this together forever. And like all bonds, there are times when you need therapy and times when the going is easy, breezy. Some couples counselling doesn’t need blood, sweat, toil and tears. Altogether it just needs shining a light on what really is important to you. And that’s so personal to feeling self-assured about being in great shape.  



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