Body blues: How To Beat Body Issues That Creep Up On You?

Beat The Body Blues

Winter is a time of snuggling up in warm and comfy clothes, indulging in rich comfort food and lazy afternoons indoors.  Enter the body blues, because when summer returns and every body part is in sight, so are our winter bodies.  Soon the scramble begins to try and shake off the added centimetres that we have gained over winter.


What can we do to avoid the body blues?

 Here are some handy tips on how to start getting ready for summer and the beach once again.


1. Get rid of excess or unwanted hair

Nothing is more unpleasant than getting invited to the beach on the spur of the moment, you put on your favourite swimsuit and the rogue hairs start peeking out from all directions.


Modern hair removal and laser technologies mean that you have many options of hair removal these are lasting and not the short-lived shaving type solution.


Don’t wait, let winter be your best friend and allow you to go undercover and remove your hair without anyone even knowing what you’re doing.


For more info on Laser Hair Removal


2. Get rid of your stretch marks

As women we are more prone to stretch marks than men, add childbearing into the equation and stretch marks are pretty much inevitable, not to mention unsightly.


The latest and most effective way of treating stretch marks is Carboxy Therapy, it is introduced into the stretch marks which improves the collagen content and shrinks the stretch marks thereby improving the appearance.


For more info on Carboxy Therapy


3. Get rid of those stubborn fatty pockets

Women have always had curvaceous bodies despite what the world tries to project at us. However, this does not mean that you have to hang onto those unwanted ‘fatty pockets’ especially around the belly, the outer thighs “saddle bags” and waist.


Have you heard of Cryolipo Therapy? Cryolipo Therapy involves cooling the fat in small measured pockets to remove resistant fat from the body by natural methods. The goal of Cryolipo is to remodel the shape of the body and improve the bulges of resistant fat.


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