Body Blues: Wave Buh-Bye with Modern Tech, And Find Your Shape!

It’s T-minus 15 minutes to get dressed and glam done for your office Christmas party. You’re desperate to wear your new body-hugging sequin dress, but if you’re unsure about a sleek silhouette, it’s normal for your confidence to dip. Hello body blues! And while yes, who cares, it’s normal to get hung up over body challenges; we all do. 

If you want to zone in on the things that cause you to cover up, now’s the time to do your homework. Oh yes, push-ups and chest fly’s do wonders for bra bulges. But need something that turbocharges your workouts and clean eating? Enter the world of body shaping treatments

Body Blues: Beautiful Curves Without Those Darn Spots 

In 2011 a survey was published reporting that young women had 13 brutal thoughts about their bodies daily. While staggering, it’s not surprising. Over a decade on, have we come far enough to embrace the bodies we’re born with? While gorgeously curvy frames are being seen in retail advertising and on social media. The inner voice persists with unhealthy self-talk affecting how you feel about your body. Away with that, please! 

Look at all your body does for you. And rather than see “thin” as a goal, look at spots or areas that bother you. And every person will agree with age comes weight gain, and it’s the same with hormonal changes. So these pockets of resistant fat are very normal. But aiming to zap them while thinking all of your needs to be changed doesn’t necessarily mean a better – or healthier – outcome. Curvy – ask those Renaissance painters – looks happier and seductive too! So bye, bye skin and bones and hello to being into your more curvaceous body. Sure, you can work on spots like your abs, cellulite and more, but do it in a way that celebrates your natural body shape and not an idealised version of something impossible to be. 

Modern Tech: Say Bye Bye to Those Pouches

 When you’re ready to hone your silhouette, the next step is to work with a specialist in medical aesthetics. This way, you know your body is being taken care of by an expert doctor who understands how to perform a modern tech treatment and adjust it for your induvial needs. Take Exilis Elite; it’s the only radiofrequency therapy that uses ultrasonic energy in one handpiece. In other words, it’s a device that helps lift and tighten loose skin. How does this help those pouches you’re not so keen on?

For tummies that need a firm-up, it gets those fat cell clusters moved apart. Why? More radio frequency (heat energy) can sink into body fat and shake things up. And that’s a good thing! Another modern tech treatment to get familiar with is Endymed Contour. For tightening and contouring, this therapy is the non-invasive savvy sister to traditional body ops like liposuction. And for a good reason! Think of those love handles that mess with your Levi’s. If you want a more synched waistline, the benefits of zero downtime or health risks mean tech-driven treatments are far more enticing. 

Ready to strike a happy balance between your beautiful body and addressing those bugbears with the best aesthetic medicine? Balance is always a sensible approach. And so is taking advantage of the latest innovative tech; after all, what would life be with your smartphone, Netflix and Apple Wallet? Here’s to another incredible journey of discovery and no more body blues. 


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