Body Shape: Don’t Wait Till Summer to Get That Booty Beautiful 

Body Shape: Don’t Wait Till Summer to Get That Booty Beautiful 

Your bestie has just been to Greece. As you scroll through (endless) pics of her and the hubby in Santorini, you wonder how she got her body shape bikini-ready, bang in the middle of winter? Gym bunny or juice fast? If your body has svelte months and then periods when it’s more in, er, comfy mode, it’s perfectly normal. Who doesn’t love to hibernate when it’s freezing instead of hitting Boot Camp at 6 am? However, there is a middle ground; and it’s all about smart body shaping and the right clean eating. Let’s meet your match. 


Booty Beautiful: Body Contouring VS Weight Loss 

Knowing what you want from your body treatment means realising your goals. Do you need to tighten and firm up your skin? Or are more shapely contours really about weight loss? If you feel a healthier you would be a lighter you, then understand a body contouring treatment isn’t going to help you drop a dress size. It would help if you looked at lifestyle choices: eating, exercise, stress, sleep and how an expert (like a health coach) can help with those aspects. However, a beautiful body or lean thighs aren’t just about being slim. Far from it! 


And that’s the beauty of treatments that work on how your skin looks and feels. For instance, radio frequency is popular to tighten and re-shape facial skin. And it works its magic on body contours too. Considering it? Therapies like Endymed Contour boost slack skin by increasing blood supply and circulation. Plus, it’s pain-free and safe for any skin type.


Sound like your way to body confidence? Another treatment to try – especially for those pockets that are impossible to HIIT class away – is Lipolysis Injections. Again, not to be mixed up with a weight loss fix, these injectables are ways to contour your curves so your body is more shaped. For resistant fat on your hips, tummy, inner thighs and more, this treatment helps those stubborn pouches to naturally dissolve with minimal swelling. 


Body Shape Slim Down: Ditch the Word Diet. Now! 

Shudder every time you think about calorie counting or, even worse, the dreary ‘ol diet. Forget that long-gone way of thinking. It just sets you up for failure – as you reach for that large milk chocolate slab. A lifestyle switch is far more sustainable and means you’re thinking long-term, not just about a cute booty in summer. If you wish to shed kilograms, then first look at your pillars of health, including nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep.


They all work holistically to help you keep your weight healthy; however, that cliched saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be truer. And that’s where RID (Renewal Institute Diet) can change how you see nutrition. Firstly, it’s a medical approach. So there’s no leaving you with a confusing eating plan and no backup. You’re guided by experts who understand everyone on a weight loss journey is different. 


So What The Final Word On Body Shape Solutions?

From support treatments to getting your gut right to lowering your inflammation, you’re properly cared for from the inside out. And all while eating nutrient-dense food that’s delicious and filling. 


Ultimately your health needs a body that works happily for you. That means strong, boosted skin that’s able to rejuvenate itself. Wellness is about loving your body, so flaunt those contours with even greater confidence. For you, that might mean dropping a kilo or two; for another, that may be just a tighter tush. It’s all beautiful, and it’s all within your reach! 



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