Your Smile: What It Says About You (and How to Fix It)

Your Smile: What It Says About You (and How to Fix It)

When you greet others with a genuine smile, you’re saying you’re friendly. It also conveys willingness to connect with others. And did you know you’re perceived as more trustworthy and agreeable? A true smile shows you’re happy to cooperate. What your smile says about you is much more than just a perfect set of teeth. Additionally, it’s far more than just the flawless pout. However this is where some of us struggle. What if your beam is a little off? You’re feeling happy inside but your mouth isn’t matching your joy when you smile. There’s a fix for that!

Gummy Smiles

Showing more gums than teeth when your lips pull back into a smile? A gummy smile can often be misread as unattractive. Besides it totally not being your fault, it may present a childlike version of you. This is all down to how your teeth have grown in, creating an excessive gingival look. Consult a cosmetic dentist if you’re concerned about the health of your teeth. An aesthetic medical doctor can help you lessen the look of the gummy smile itself. Ask about injectables like neurotoxins either side of the nose into a specific muscle. This helps the top lip to pull up, correcting its flattening action. This is what happens when a smile looks gummy sitting high up from your teeth.

Your Smile And Unbalanced Lips

Have one lip smaller than the other? Does this mean your top or bottom lip disappears when you smile? Lip asymmetry can also mean other side of your face doesn’t match the other. In other words, when you smile, your lips look uneven or unbalanced. This can be caused by genetics, muscle weakness or ageing. If you’re bothered by asymmetrical lips, the solution lies in dermal volumiser. This type of injectable helps adjust the dimension of your lips. For instance, if one side is lacking shape, volumising injectables help create a shapely look. And, it also allows for symmetry, matching up the other side of your face.  The result means more facial balance and also smile improvement.

Downturned Smiles

What if you can’t turn your mouth upwards. Too much pull by muscles attached to the corners of your mouth are responsible. As a result, a downturned mouth is hardly your fault. You’re dealing with muscles that just won’t pull up. You may even have one side that does draw into a smile and one that doesn’t. However, smart solutions like injectables can help. Neurotoxins can be placed in the muscle at the corners of the mouth. This helps stop the DAO (depressor anguli oris) muscle pulling the mouth corners down. And it’s known for slightly lifting the area too, you will look more relaxed, happy and youthful. Dermal voluimsers can assist with smoothing out any marionette lines. These are the lines that run from the vertically from the mouth to chin. Injecting volumisers is a way to fill them so that any drooping is corrected.

Ready to show off your best smile ever? You’ve got the goods, it’s just the tweaks that may make all the difference. Feel happier and more confident with a smile that says exactly what you want it to.


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