Winter Skin: 3 Ways to keep your skin glowing this winter

Winter Skin 3 Ways to keep your skin glowing this winter

There’s nothing like the dead of winter to make your skin feel completely and utterly dull.  Winter skin often has to do with the fact that cold air is very dry. So, in a bid to maintain its status quo, it draws moisture from anything that’s around it and yep, your skin is the number one target. This is why the chilly season so often takes a toll on your looks, leaving ashy, dehydrated and all round ‘Blah’ with a capital B.


Winter skin saviors

Fortunately, there are a myriad of quick and easy lunchtime treatments to deeply moisturise your skin as well as get rid of any dry, dead skin cells. So, if you’re wanting to get your glow back, here are just three of the many ways we can help you do it.


The Radiance Peel

When it comes to peels, there are a wide variety that range from mild to intensive. The Radiance peel is one of the gentler, no downtime peels but is incredibly effective at loosening the very outermost, already dead skin cells. Firstly, it contains two AHA’s (lactic and glycolic acid) to smooth the surface of your skin and minimise the appearance of pigmentation. Secondly, it relies on BHA (salicylic acid) to exfoliate deep inside your pores and has an added microbial ingredient that makes it ideal for anyone struggling with congestion, acne or oily skin.


Afterwards, your skin might look slightly flushed but this fades fast. If, however, you experience a slight reddening that lasts about a day, this area might get a little flakey. But don’t worry! It’s subtle, very short lived and totally worth the glow that follows.


Transdermal mesotherapy

Transdermal-what? Yes, we know it’s a mouthful and when you hear ‘meso’ some might think ‘needles’ but hear us out! Transdermal mesotherapy is a quick, completely painless and rather indulgent way to hydrate to the max.


The treatment involves a device that emits a gentle electrical pulse across your skin. If anything, it feels like a gentle massage that most people find rather relaxing. The pulses help propel the micro molecules of our specific serums that range from deeply hydrating to collagen-encouraging into the deepest layers of your skin. If it’s the hydrating option that you’re after, the results – dewy, plumper-looking skin – are instantly visible!



If you’re wanting to exfoliate but not keen on a peel, consider microdermabrasion. It’s the quickest, easiest way to shift dead skin and, again, it’s a lunch break, zero downtime procedure. Better yet, take this glow-boosting treatment to the next level by indulging in our signature Mesoglow facial. This involves a microdermabrasion session followed by transdermal mesotherapy. The former does a brilliant job of enhancing the latter’s effect because exfoliated skin is better able to absorb any products you apply afterwards. Talk about a double whammy of radiance!


Put that winter skin behind you in no time!



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