PICO Laser: When Laser Loves Your Skin Type 

PICO Laser: When Laser Loves Your Skin Type 

What’s your skin treatment groove? Perhaps you’ve found that therapy helps de-age your skin or deal with specific issues like scarring or melasma (hmmm hello PICO Laser). But what if you’ve spoken to the pros or researched those in-clinic options and been told, “sorry this isn’t for your skin type.” It is not only a let-down but also very problematic. 


Treatments according to Fitzpatrick Skin Types (we’ll get to what this means) should be readily available to everyone and cover all tones. In other words, from very light to very melanin-rich. The Fitzpatrick Skin Types is a measurement tool (developed by a Harvard dermatologist) to determine or classify how different skin types react to ultraviolet light (UV). The Fitzpatrick system considers genetic makeup and reaction to sun exposure (burning and tanning).


Skin-Loving Laser: Why The Right Treatment Is So Important

Now you’re clued up on the Fitzpatrick Skin Types scale, it’s understandable why laser and light treatments mean different things for different tones of skin. Historically, for those with darker skin types, too-aggressive treatment is not just a bit of post-therapy skin drama but poses actual discolouration and even the risk of burning. That’s a proper threat to the skin! Happily, all that’s changed. 


However, because no one wants to play a guessing game with their skin, Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4, 5 and 6 (medium olive brown to very dark rich brown) must proceed cautiously. Part of that is only working with a highly skilled medical aesthetic skin specialist. One teamed with an expert doctor in the same field means a safety net. Think specialist training and knowledge from someone who is a real skin guru. And then look at your skin’s needs: pigmentation issues and scarring? Check? Skin tightening? Yes, that, too. Oh, and pore size reduction and dynamic-specific problems like melasma. Yup, keep going.


First Do No Harm: The Best Is PICO Laser For Any Skin Type

Next-gen laser treatments like PICO laser and it’s rejuvenating application known as PICOtoning . With the HandPICO Laser mean any skin type can be safely treated. So, what’s sitting on your skin that you wish you could sweep away? Scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles? As long as it’s not anything that requires aggressive, deep work – like help with very sunken wrinkles or severe acne scars – darker skin tones won’t be in danger. 


And that’s kind of the point of seeing a medical skin specialist; it’s about looking better and feeling better, not creating more trouble. So, whether you’re a Fitzpatrick Skin Type 1 (light skin tone and red hair a la Nicole Kidman) or a gorgeous melanin-rich Fitzpatrick Skin Type 6 (Hello Lupita Nyong’o), there aren’t any worries about destroying your skin just because you wanted to try laser. With this type of treatment, you get the regenerative power of laser but newer, swifter tech. And we love that journey for you! 


Because who wants downtime, possible complications and days away from work? Well, we’ll let you be the judge on that last one. PICOtoning laser means a lunch hour treatment, with no need to be all numbed up and very little chance of feeling sore and sensitive afterwards. So, from melasma to acne marks and scars, the laser that loves any skin type is undoubtedly something to love back!  


As the holiday season kicks off, isn’t it good to know that so many treatments are safer and recovery days are more like turnaround hours? No matter your skin type, tone, schedule or skin condition, the latest laser says, “Pick me.” And when you do, it will mean amazing things for your skin. Promise. 


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