Water: For A Glowing Skin, Hydrate & Flush Those Toxins

Water For A Glowing Skin Flush Those Toxins

If you look at the human anatomy you will note that our bodies are made up of approximately 50-70% water. This means that it forms a large part of all the organs and their functioning in the body. So why are we surprised when we are told to drink between 6 – 8 glasses a day?


Water and toxins in the body

Think about it, water flushes toxins from our blood, keeps our skin functioning, cleans out our kidneys and aids in the functioning of the bowels, yet still people choose to rather go thirsty … it is astonishing really!


The skin is said to be 64% water and therefore would need to be replenished on a daily basis. The moisture in our skin soon disappears continuously thanks to perspiration, evaporation and body processes.


Benefits of water for the skin:

– Improved skin functioning and metabolism

– Toxins are flushed more effectively resulting in less breakouts

– Skin will be plumper and more hydrated

– The skin will naturally glow from good health


The skin and hydration

Hydrating the skin from the inside out is no excuse to skip your regular day creams and moisturiser’s however. It is still very much necessary to hydrate your skin from both the inside and out, neither is ideal on it’s own.


For a clearer complexion and a healthier glow drink up!



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