Trends: The 5 Biggest Aesthetic & Health Trends for 2018

Trends The 5 Biggest Aesthetic & Health Trends for 2018

Trends, here is the latest. Every year, the Aesthetic & Anti-ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC) is held in Monte Carlo. The most prolific convention of its kind.

In order to keep ahead of the curve in regard to global innovation, it is important to constantly evolve in the wake of new studies and breakthrough developments.


Trends to look out for

According to all the expert knowledge gleaned at the symposium, here are the five biggest aesthetic and health trends sweeping across the globe in 2018.

Natural beauty

An international survey among doctors attending the conference revealed that 85% of patients undergoing any kind of aesthetic treatment. Whether it be Botox and fillers or surgery, brief them with the fact that they still want to look natural. Frozen foreheads and trout pouts are out. Today’s most desired result is ‘you but better’.

This ties in beautifully with the ethos of graceful ageing. While there was once a time when ‘ageing gracefully’ meant letting nature take its course. However, now we can do a lot to slow down. In fact, we can even reverse the effects of ageing in a way that looks as you’ve just enjoyed a holiday that’s left you feeling refreshed instead of re-worked.


A better blend

Despite trends, both doctors and patients are fast realising that aesthetic treatments undertaken on their own can create good results. But, they deliver their best results when they are performed in a combination. A good example is the treatment of acne scarring. A micro-needling session can make an improvement. But when used together with a peel as well as carboxytherapy, is a plan that is far more potent.


An early start

Gone are the days where patients would neglect their skin and then only start to consider something dramatic like a facelift after reaching middle age. An increasing number of younger patients are now approaching aesthetic treatments with a preventative mindset.


Why go under the knife when you can invest in a myriad of less invasive treatments? Opting for any of our collagen-encouraging treatments, be it micro-needling or a laser procedure like Exilis Elite before wrinkles become deep-set. It will always be easier than treating them once they form. Collectively, our operating table-free options can help you look younger for longer as well as natural – not nipped and tucked!


Alternative health trends


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Another interesting takeaway from the conference? Hair loss is the second biggest concern for women between the ages of 35 and 55. Again, prevention is better than cure and treatments are more effective when started early, so addressing the situation from the onset will ensure best results. A hair transplant is the follicular equivalent of a facelift and it’s always better to avoid a drastic solution by investing in a smarter one right out the gate.

There isn’t a single cause of hair loss, it is important to determine the underlying cause before formulating a customized holistic treatment plan. This could include carboxytherapy, mesotherapy or a prescription drug like Minoxidil. Either way, the root cause of the problem will be addressed via a tailor-made multi-pronged plan of attack. The days of ‘one size fits all solutions’ are long gone.


Pillow power

Most of us know it’s important to get our ‘beauty sleep’. However, there is a growing interest in studies proving that a lack of shut-eye puts us on the fast track to premature ageing and illnesses. As a lack of sleep leads to elevated cortisol, the stress hormone, this interferes with our ability to heal. It can also lead to weight gain and the breakdown of collagen. In addition, a lack of sleep means your body will make less human growth hormone which is important for new cell production.

From insomnia to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and more, the clinics exist to help improve South Africa’s pillow time which we know is vital not just to our looks but our longevity.

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