Transdermal mesotherapy: The benefits of mesotherapy without needles

Transdermal mesotherapy The benefits of mesotherapy without the needles

Many people have heard of mesotherapy, a treatment that involves injecting active ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin. However, if needles make you nervous, it’s not going to be for you. Still, you might be interested in transdermal mesotherapy, the needle-free alternative.


Much like mesotherapy, transdermal mesotherapy is also able to deliver ingredients deep into your skin but does so using an electroporation device. While it sounds a tad terrifying, it’s not. The machine uses electrical pulses (not electric shocks) and specific vibrations to gently push helpful skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin via its water channels.



Advantages of Transdermal Mesotherapy

Unlike mesotherapy, the transdermal type doesn’t hurt at all and most of our patients would describe it as feeling like a relaxing facial massage that produces a slight tingling sensation. Afterwards, you don’t have to worry about bruising or redness as you would with traditional mesotherapy and there’s zero downtime. In fact, your skin will have such a lovely glow you’ll want to show it off!


At Skin Renewal we use transdermal mesotherapy to treat a myriad of conditions, customising the ingredients it pushes into your skin. For example, if you were dehydrated we’d use the machine to deliver a mega-dose of hydrating, skin plumping hyaluronic acid. If you were struggling with pigmentation then we’d rely on a mix of proven melanin-inhibiting actives. We could also help you increase your skin’s firmness by using an elixir that contains growth factors that stimulate your skin to produce more collagen.


As transdermal mesotherapy is so gentle, it’s suitable for patients as young as their teens with any skin type and colour.



Transdermal Mesotherapy, better together

Transdermal mesotherapy can be combined with lots of other treatments and that’s a real plus because, when it comes to fending off premature ageing or tackling specific skin conditions, we believe it takes a village.


Having successfully treated thousands of patients, we’ve come to realise that, if you’re after great results, you shouldn’t rely on any single treatment, but several that enhance each other’s effects. For this reason, we’ve created an array of solutions packages that involve at least two treatments that will target your issue from every angle. It’s this unique ‘3D approach’ that allows us to serve up fantastic results that are far superior to whatever you’d get from one treatment alone.


So many solutions

Transdermal mesotherapy is a part of several of our treatment solutions packages. For example, our Choice Skin Rejuvenation Solution is a great ‘starter’ treatment for anyone wanting to prevent premature ageing as well as create a smoother, more even skin texture. It involves microdermabrasion to exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells, allowing even better penetration of the transdermal mesotherapy that follows. In this instance, we introduce two into the skin – a collagen-boosting stem cell serum and D2 Instant Lift serum. The latter is a cocktail of ingredients that will deeply hydrate your skin, plumping it in a way that ‘lifts’ while giving you a healthy-looking glow.


As transdermal mesotherapy is so non-invasive, we can even use it in our treatment of very sensitive skin, the entry point being our Select Rosacea, Redness & Sensitivity Solution. Again, it includes a microdermabrasion session followed by the transdermal mesotherapy application of a couperosis serum specially formulated to target redness and sensitivity.



The bottom line

If you’ve been wanting to benefit from mesotherapy, but have been put off by the needles, consider transdermal mesotherapy instead. It’s a great way to get the most out of our already very effective serums as it gently and painlessly pushes it into the deeper layers of your skin.


To get the maximum benefit, make an appointment to see one of the doctors or therapists at Skin Renewal. They’ll be able to assess your skin as well as the severity of any condition and recommend the best solution package to suit.


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