Toxic Beauty: Be Aware, Be Informed & Choose Products Wisely

Toxic Beauty Be Aware Be Informed And Be Wise

Every now and then an article hits the news on some form of ‘toxic beauty’. Often it is as a result of beauty products that are being sold as a ‘miracle cure’ for a common beauty condition.

It is a sad fact of life that there are always ‘evil-doers’ just waiting on the sideline to target innocent people and use their personal weaknesses to turn around a profit. Even worse is the resultant havoc that these products wreak on the victims faces and bodies.

Toxic beauty in the news

Recently HEALTH24 (Warning about toxic face creams in Cape Town) revealed a new generation of black market ‘lightening creams’ being sold on the street. These products are supposedly good at removing pigmentation or dark spots on ethnic skins.

The truth however is that they are actually damaging the skin of consumers who are innocently purchasing these products, but even more shocking is the proof that many of these ingredients are in fact banned substances in South Africa and have a very toxic effect on the body.

Banned toxic beauty substances such as:
– Mercury
– Steroids

The latest find is based on clinical testing done at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, who sourced a collection of these lightening creams from the streets in the Cape Town area.

Our advice:
Always use reputable products because they are supplied by a pharmaceutical company. These products will be on sale within a major retail or pharmaceutical store, medical aesthetics clinic and beauty salon. But never off the street. Also where possible choose medical grade cosmeceuticals. These productsy undergo stringent testing and often have registered results and studies.

NEVER buy products off the street.

Should you have a medical condition, pigmentation or scarring consult a medical doctor or dermatologist. In fact, for assistance in treating this condition only go to a professional.

** more banned beauty products Banned beauty products on sale in Cape


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