Tired Face? Wake Up Your Skin With These Fabulous Treatments

Tired Face? Wake Up Your Skin With These Fabulous Treatments

With the challenges of the past two years, it’s no wonder we’re feeling tired. If your fatigue is showing up on your skin, giving you that “tired face”, you’re not alone. Greater stress – therefore higher cortisol levels – is known to speed up the ageing process. Feeling nervous to be outdoors? A lack of vitamin D from sunshine doesn’t help either. If you’re not getting enough, you may be feeling extra sluggish. And, as we deal with busy online work and schooling, nutrient-rich food is often ignored. Grabbing that super strong coffee on the run can actually mean fatigue overload. Thanks to extra caffeine (not to mention sugar), feelings of restlessness and anxiety simply increase tiredness. Sound like the perfect storm? Booking a self-care treatment to restore skin vitality, means the bonus of downtime. Your face will thank you – and so will your weary body!

Overhaul Your Skin with Bio-Remodelling

Sagging skin dampening your mood? Lift your face (and your spirits) with an injectable treatment to boost volume and elasticity. Bio-Remodelling is non-invasive yet powerful to help rejuvenate what age and stress are taking out. Think of this treatment as a way to care for many concerns in one! Thanks to the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, your skin gets better hydration. This means assistance with collagen and elastin production, vital for a younger-looking, brighter you. And if you’re already treating with dermal volumisers and neurotoxins, this treatment works in combination. Not replacing wrinkle filling and plumping procedures, you can bio-remodel together with other injectables. Additionally, you can chose this beauty as standalone care for turning back the skin’s clock. The result? Stronger looking and feeling skin thanks to a full-face renewal will help banish tiredness.

Get Your All-Over Glow On, Shed That Tired Face

Looking refreshed and awake is more than just treating under eye-circles. And for that you need the benefits of a Mesoglow facial that works steadily over time. Flooding the entire skin with water-soluble ingredients encourages collagen creation from deep within. Then, take things further. Swap out your “steam and cream” facials for this therapy type, treating more areas of concern. This facial is able to treat other areas that need rejuvenating. Does your neck, chest and hands need the benefits of reviving action? A Mesoglow facial means a fresher looking appearance for exactly where you need it. And you can care for skin with one every month. A course of up to eight treatments is recommended for the best rejuvenating results.

Hydrate Your Skin Back to Health

Is your skin thirsty? A dull and drained-looking skin is often thanks to lack of proper hydration. But choosing a high-tech facial that balances your water levels is just one solution. For all-in-one restoration, the HydraTouch facial  helps with a multi-benefit approach. It treats not only the look of your tired face, but it’s health too. And, this is essential for radiance. Think hydra-dermabrasion, gentle chemical resurfacing as well as Transdermal Mesotherapy.  All this in one facial helps bring your skin back to life, restoring your wellness too. As much it’s glow-boosting care, the HydraTouch Facial is also deeply relaxing. It can literally calm your system for a face and body looking and feeling restored. Now that’s a health helper that’s really good for you, especially at this time.

Ready to show that tired face the door? Book your skin in for treatment that gives you mood boosting benefits too. After all, a healthier and happier you means the same for your skin. And what could be more loving and caring than that!


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