The Lowdown on PICO Laser: Why the Next-Gen Treatment?

The Lowdown on PICO Laser: Why the Next-Gen Treatment?

Laser always seems to pop up on the conversation radar in the quest for a perfect complexion. But does it always deliver spot-on results? And what about the downtime? The stress of a red face plus ouchy skin mean many women are put off – even if a WFH week is an option. That’s why the highly innovative handheld PICO laser device is the latest in modern tech and less risky. And what’s not to love about all of that?! 


Next-Gen Laser: Skin Rejuvenation Benefits and More

The evolution of laser is fascinating – well, at least we think so. Dermatologists and ophthalmologists (based on Albert Einstein’s research) were the first to study the therapeutic effects of laser beams. And that was not even 100 years ago. Fast forward to 2023, and we now have a laser that can be handheld and swept over the skin in an hour – and you’re literally back at your desk the same day! 


This little yet mighty gem is the PICOtoning with HandPICO Laser. And boy, is it a grafter. This treatment really understands the concept of “work smart, not hard” (although it works hard too). It’s not about simply de-ageing your skin (in other words, rejuvenation); it’s about common skin conditions that need help with healing and texture refinement. Also, many of its functions match all skin tones; it’s safe for those with darker skin. This is especially important when pigmentation is at play. 


Low Risks, High Results: PICO Laser Your Skin Goal Lowdown 

It hones in on broken capillaries, rosacea and other vascular issues. However, as deep-seated Melasma and other stubborn dark marks mean skin disharmony for so many melanin-rich tones, the safety of PICO Toning is always a cutting-edge low risks and high results choice. 


And so what about that ouch factor often expected during a laser treatment? Remember, a handheld device isn’t going to hit your skin all in one go. That’s a good thing, by the way – especially if you’re a first-timer or a little nervy about this type of therapy. Expect a mild tingling or snapping sensation. And also, it’s not a drawn-out process; most areas are lasered in just a few minutes. 


Got those skin goals lined up? From a refreshed face to a more even skin tone, the next-gen laser focuses on getting your complexion back to a smoother, tighter and brighter look. It can also de-age your skin, flatten out scars and lessen the look of rosacea and broken capillaries- all without the worry of hiding a red, swollen face. Here’s getting your treatment on! 



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    Hi, is this a vascular laser? Because that is the only laser that fades red spots on my face. And what does a treatment cost?

    Thanks, Jenny

  2. R Costa

    Please can you give me prices for the Pico Laser treatment


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