The Age Game: How to Build Back Collagen and Other Strategies 

The Age Game: How to Build Back Collagen and Other Strategies 

What do dark circles, droopy eyelids, thin lips and frown lines all have in common? Do they sound depressing? Well, yes and unfortunately, they are all signs of the age game. Enough to give you grey hairs? While you may see one of these mature-making miseries in isolation, it’s time to get serious about a youth boost when they team up. What are the most common conditions plaguing otherwise healthy and glowing skin? Let’s talk about everyday issues that crop up as you age. 


Building Back Collagen: Where to Start? 

When tackling something as daunting as skin ageing, it’s tempting to try and solve every issue at once. Taking a step back and thinking about what’s a challenge for you is a good starting point. Often it’s where collagen (the protein that gives skin strength and structure) begins to break down first. Thanks to the thin skin in this area, the eyes suffer the most. Delicate skin means issues like glabellar lines and droopy lids. And while you may definitely have the genes of Mom and Dad to thank for your dark circles, thinning skin with collagen and elastin loss doesn’t help keep your under-eye area looking bright and uniform.


Another spot needing collagen as the years fly your lips. A once plump pout could look thinner from a life well lived. Those cigarettes in your 20’s were your guilty pleasure, but now they’re one of the reasons your lips are lined. Even if you binned the smoke, smokers lines could crop up due to simply drinking and talking. And how do you stop doing that? You don’t!


Skin Saving Strategies: How to Win the Anti-Aging Game  

Look at serious collagen rebuilders to put the spring back in your skin. These should target your concerns and slowly continue giving you results over time. In other words, modern treatments like Endymed 3D Deep RF Skin Tightening (for the eye area, the therapy is known as an Endybleph) stimulate collagen. The ticket for very fine zones of the skin, this treatment can be used on the eyes to zap those signs of ageing. Working on restoring collagen for brighter, tighter and smoother skin, your eyes get a serious boost from this device-driven energy rejuvenation.


Like Endymed, Jett Plasma can work specifically on the eye area. Naturally rebuilding collagen and elastin is a skin-tightening and texture game changer. Heat mechanics help lift droopy eyelids, meaning skin that’s gone “south” is given the refresh it needs. Treatments aside, how else can you fuel your body as your skin’s clock ticks on? Antioxidant supplements for skin ageing, like NAD + Resveratrol, help to repair your body’s cells. 


Like High Potency Zinc, it’s a real goodie for skin that needs a rev in overall health and well-being. 


Age is, sadly, a thing. But – very happy days – turning the big four or five oh really isn’t regarded as “old” anymore. Same with 60! It’s just a number. So right! It’s all in the approach to the age game. It’s the same with skincare. Time to treat your beautiful smile to a little TLC? That’s what the latest injectables are for. Switch your mindset to solution-based skin strategies, and the payoff feels fantastic! 


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