Avoid Surgery: You can rejuvenate minus the knife

Avoid Surgery: You can rejuvenate minus the knife

There once was a time when changing certain things about your appearance meant surgery. Now, however, thanks to amazing advancements in aesthetic medicine, there’s often no need to undergo a risky surgical procedure to get the results you desire. Here are just a few ways you can enhance your appearance without having to go anywhere near a cosmetic surgeon. 

Get a lovely lift without surgery

Jowls getting you down? A few years back you’d have to consider a facelift to tighten up the lower part of your face. This would mean an incision – and a scar – just behind your ears and results that would rely heavily on the skill of your surgeon. Now, however, you can tighten and lift thanks to the insertion of threads. Yep, no surgery!

Threading involves the very strategic insertion of dissolvable medical-grade sutures just below your skin. If you’re experiencing moderate sagging, your doctor might suggest something like Anchor Max DX threads. They’re a new type of thread specially designed for “heavy lifting”. If your doctor inserts enough of them, they can create a very visible lift that can immediately rejuvenate your jawline and dramatically reduce the look of deep nasolabial folds. While they only last for up to 18 months, their insertion stimulates the genesis of new collagen, so your lifted look can last up to a year beyond the lifespan of each thread. 

Eyes alive!  

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, but they’re also one of the first places to show the signs of ageing. For decades, it’s been possible to stave off crow’s feet with just a few wrinkle-relaxing injections. Treating sagging eyelids, however, was always a challenge and the only option used to be blepharoplasty. This involves surgically cutting away excess skin and, due to the nature of i’s complexity, it definitely comes with a laundry list of risks. If this makes you nervous, you’ll be glad to know about the Jett Plasma Lift medical pen.

A handheld medical-grade pen-like device, it emits a high-frequency electric current that moves between its delicate tip and the skin you’re wanting to treat. When used to treat sagging eyelids, it doesn’t even have to touch your skin. The current makes a tiny micro-injury that encourages the creation of new collagen and causes your skin to tighten. When used on sagging eyelids, it can contract and tighten in such a dramatic way that many patients no longer wish to undergo a traditional blepharoplasty. Better yet, the procedure doesn’t hurt one bit (thanks numbing cream!) and can be performed within minutes!  

Big, beautiful cheeks

A quick scroll through social media reveals a slew of celebrities with incredible cheek bones. (Here’s looking at you Chrissy Teigen!) A while ago, if you wanted to bump up your own cheek area, you were looking at having to get implants. Sadly, this was – and still is – a very risky procedure. If you didn’t select the right shape or ended up in the hands of a very experienced surgeon, there was definitely a change that you’d end up disliking your results. 

Happily, due to brilliant advancements in the dermal filler arena, there’s now there’s no need to endure such an archaic procedure. Just a little bit of a more viscous type of volumiser applied to the tops of your cheeks can create a gorgeous-looking “shelf” you’ll suddenly want to apply highlighter too. What’s even better is that you can watch while your aesthetic doctor performs the procedure to your satisfaction. No waking up to a nasty surprise! Also, because the volumiser is temporary and can be dissolved should you decide you don’t like it, there’s no commitment. But, should you love your new look, you can easily pop in for a top up to maintain it. What’s not to love about that?


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