Sunscreen: How To Choose Correctly For Your Skin Type


We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: UV-rays are the number one cause of premature ageing. Still, just because we’re about to say “hello summer!” doesn’t mean we have to brace ourselves for sun damage. Applying a good sunscreen every single day is your best line of defence. But finding a formulation that suits your skin type will help you stick with it – without the stickiness!


Why does your skin type matter with sunscreen?

Oily skin

If you’ve got a combination to oily skin type, chances are you’re a bit wary of sunscreen. In the past, many formulations were thick and gloopy and might’ve felt as though they were clogging your pores. Today, however, thanks to innovations within the industry, you can find many sunscreens that feel as light as a feature but serve up heavy-duty protection.

Our top sunscreen picks?

Heliocare oil-free gel SPF 50 absorbs in a flash and contains a powerful patented antioxidant called FernBlock. Derived from a Central American fern that surprised scientists with its ability to survive in the harshest sun, it can protect your skin UV-ray induced DNA damage.

Another super light formulation you’ll love, especially if you struggle with pigmentation, is Neoretin Gel Cream SPF 50. It contains kojic acid and retinoid spheres to gently lighten up dark marks and, despite being potent, is still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Sunscreen shine begone! SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defence SPF 50 is a completely weightless mineral-based sunscreen that promises to not leave your skin white residue-free. Better yet, it’s aerated silica content mattifies while blurring the look of imperfections.

Dry skin

If you’ve got dry skin you’ll want to find a sunscreen that contains hydrating ingredients but is still sheer enough that you can layer it with your daily moisturiser. If you’ve been on the hunt, but have yet to find your SPF BFF, you can finally call off the search as we’ve rounded up three to fit the bill.

Lamelle Nourish Multi-Active Sun SPF 30 is a hydrating yet lightweight formula is perfect to layer with other products and contains a super antioxidant called Pycnogenol. Derived from French maritime pine bark, Pycnogenol can repair as well as prevent DNA damage caused by the sun.


Another top choice for drier skin types is Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Defence SPF 30. Again, it’s light yet hydrating and also contains peptides and bearberry extract to help lighten up the look of pigmentation.


Last but not least, you’ll want to know about Heliocare 360 Water Gel SPF 50. It’s got an ultra-lightweight texture but will keep your skin feeling quenched thanks to mega-moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid, urea and glycerine.



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