Summer Skin: How to Beat the Heat For Both Skin & Body

Summer Skin: How to Beat the Heat For Both Skin & Body

How was your holiday? Or is that a distant memory? As the feelings of late nights, lie-ins and Birks-with-everything fade, look to how your skin is coping post-vacay. That summer glow is a sure mood booster, but summer skin has its challenges too. From exfoliation to anti-ageing, treat your body from top to toe and hold on to those happy holiday vibes. Yes, even as you join your 54th Zoom of the day. Don’t worry; you got this! 

Treating Summer Skin: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

There’s a tired notion that oily skin types don’t need topical hydration. This means giving the skin water (in a light cream or serum format) so the message, “don’t produce more oil”, is received. Deny your skin water, which simply sends your face into a thirst frenzy. It’s like being totally dehydrated during a run, only to reach for the nearest sugary fizzy drink afterwards. Wanted to burn calories? Well, now you’ve just added them back. The right product to keep your hydration levels in check – especially during the summer heat – is best chosen with a skin expert on your side. Working with someone skilled to treat your specific skin condition and understand your history can make all the difference. 

What Your Body Needs Now: Your Mid-Summer Plan

Flaky skin on your legs? Rough patches on elbows? Summer – unfortunately – dehydrates body skin because of water loss. Technically you’re losing water in your body, but this process means your skin suffers too. So, what to do when your arms look all dry and dull? Before lurching for the shimmer lotion, think treatment first. Pushing good-for-you ingredients like ceramides and urea (especially if the dryness makes your skin crawl) into limbs is an excellent remedy. Find them both in Lamelle Soothing Body Lotion.

But before you slather on a body moisturiser, body skin, like your face, needs that dead surface to be gently sloughed away. Choose your fighter: mechanical exfoliation means a body scrub with a granule. A chemical peel (also a way to exfoliate) is another way to renew skin. And for that, it’s often best to let the experts do their thing. Especially if you’re after results to help banish scars, treat acne and rough skin, and boost hydration. An Alpha Hydroxy Peel is mild enough for even sensitive and acne skin conditions. And it’s suitable for any area of the body. Big bonus? No downtime!

Beating the Heat: Why Anti-Aging is a Must

Avoiding nourishing products right now? We don’t blame you. No matter your skin type, at 35 degrees, a thick-textured mask is probably the last thing you want to plaster on. Look to other ways to keep your anti-ageing game strong. A serum is, without a doubt, the wisest skincare investment you can make. Its concentration of active ingredients targets specific issues, such as wrinklespigmentation and redness.

Absorbing quickly into the skin, the lightweight formula means there’s nothing heavy (especially if you’re feeling rather sensory) swept onto your face. But you’ll totally reap those age-reversal rewards. Boosting collagen, a blend of antioxidants, helps renew your skin’s natural supplies. Some great antioxidant-rich serums to suss out? Skinceuticals CE FerulicEndocare Radiance C Ferulic Edafence Serum and NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum 10 PHA

As your fan wafts (somewhat) cool air over you, think about all those grey, freezing days you were wishing winter away. Summer is magic, even with the scorching temps! With some curated cures, your skin needn’t sweat; show it the love it deserves. Don’t worry; you got this! 


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