Summer Legs: Three ways to get your legs ready and looking good

Summer Legs Three ways to get your legs ready and looking

Summer legs, what summer legs? The sun is out and hemlines are getting shorter! Still, not everyone will be feeling happy about the prospect of showing more skin. For some, this means that the time-consuming task of regularly shaving your legs is back. Also, if you’re someone who’s plagued by spider veins, you might be less thrilled about the idea of wearing shorts.

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to help get your legs feeling summer-ready and we’ve got the low down on just three of them.

Get permanently smooth summer legs

Laser hair removal has come a very long way. There once was a time when the procedure was only really suitable for those with fair skin and dark hair. This was because the laser needed to distinguish a contrast to accurately target the hair follicle. Now, however, devices have advanced to the point where anyone would be a candidate. This includes those with fair hair and anyone with a darker skin type.

The average number of treatments you’d need would range from six to eight. This is because, at any given time, only a certain amount of your hair is in the growing phase. (Growing phase hairs have mature pigment in their follicle bulb, so they can be targeted.) After a couple of sessions, however, you’d be able to destroy almost all of the follicles on your legs and be able to kiss pesky shaving related problems like ingrown hairs goodbye!

Improve the look of cellulite

Cellulite is the bane of just about every woman’s life but there are things you can do to make a dramatic improvement. First, you have to understand the biology of the bulge. Cellulite is something that develops over time and is related to the structure of your skin. When you gain weight, your our fat cells expand and push upwards towards the surface of your skin. Also, the fibrous cords that connect your skin and muscle start to act like a netting that strains against your fat down. This is what creates that dimpled, orange-peel effect.

Due to cellulite being a structural issue, there’s not a lot that lotions and potions can do to fix it. Still, many in-office treatments that can make a world of difference. For one, a multipolar radiofrequency treatment like Velashape can shrink the size of your fat cells while boosting collagen to help tighten lax skin. You could also consider carboxytherapy. This involves injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) gas just below the surface of the skin. This breaks down the fat and gives your circulation a much-needed boost, two things that can go a long way towards creating a smoother look.

Zap those spider veins!

Spider veins are small broken blood vessels that are close to the surface of the skin. You can cover them up with a medium to heavy concealer that matches the skin tone of your legs. Alternatively, you could get rid of them completely with sclerotherapy or laser vein removal. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the veins with a chemical solution that causes the veins inner lining to dissolve and disappear. Laser vein removal is as simple as zapping the vein with something like an Nd:YAG laser. An aesthetic doctor will be able to advise on which method would suit you best but you’d be glad to know both procedures don’t have to be painful in the least thanks to a topical numbing cream.

Shortly after the procedure, your veins will look a little darker or worse than they did to begin with, but within a few weeks, the majority of them should start to fade and eventually disappear. The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on the extent of your condition, but you can expect anything from two to six. In no time at you’ll, you can enjoy more youthful-looking legs that you’d be proud to show off in a skirt.


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