Men’s Sun Protection: Why SPF is a Total Age Fighting Machine

Men's Sun Protection: Why SPF is a Total Age Fighting Machine

Set your New Year’s resolutions yet? Whether you’re in that mode or not, sunscreen is one commitment to make to yourself in 2024. And not just when you hit the beach or pool. The sun takes down skin anytime, any season. Cue leathery, wrinkly, old-man skin. Getting the drift? Time to start thinking of men’s sun protection as your hot ticket to skin safety and a younger-looking you. 


Age Fighting Machine: Why SPF Has Your Back 

While you may now have your OOO status on, you’re (sadly) locked behind that laptop most of the time. Wearing SPF? Here’s why you should. Stuck sitting in your company’s office – or your home one – means the same need for sunscreen as if you were running around town. UV rays can get through that office window and do as much harm to the skin as, say, sitting outdoors and having coffee with a client. Then there’s a phenomenon called “incidental” sun exposure: UV rays hitting your skin when you’re unaware. 


That late afternoon walk with your pooch around the block? Sitting in traffic, arms and hands sizzling in the heat. Yup, all the boxes ticked. Oh, and we still need to mention blue light. You need sunscreen for your smartphone and other devices – yes, all of them- so this power protector is your essential skincare wingman


Men’s Sun Protection: What’s Got You Guys Covered 

Priority number one? It takes a lot of work to choose your face or your bod when it comes to the handsome stakes. So, don’t. Your facial skin is sun damaged by getting thinner, showing age spots and, of course, lines and wrinkles. Loss of elasticity is an ageing issue for men with dark skin tones, meaning sagging skin is very important to guard against. And it’s a body issue, too. Here’s where sunscreen can really help. 


Find something that works with your lifestyle and is highly versatile. And also works with your skin tone; ashiness and streaking show up on dark complexions and can be off-putting for wearers. Reach for an invisible formula that feels good to wear, whether in the pool or at the office. Want something just as serious for your face? This goes back to always thinking of your SPF as your anti-ageing go-to. Prevention over cure seems so essential, but it’s “what it says on the label” advice. Again, look to your lifestyle. Gym addict? 


Your formula must be sweat-resistant with excellent hydration benefits to compensate for moisture loss. And, of course, high protection (SPF 50) and broad-spectrum guards against both UVA and UVB rays. If you need help deciding which to add to your cart, follow those simple guidelines. Add zinc oxide into the mix, and you’re protecting your skin against blue light. So, a physical sunscreen might be the coverage that goes the distance.


Sunscreen shopping might not be your thing, but it’s never too late to start wearing SPF. Don’t be part of the group of guys that report it’s a chore to slap on sun protection (and that’s why they don’t). It’s sure easier than getting a facelift. We’re joking. But no guy wants to look like his old man before his time. Trust us on the sunscreen. And have a great New Year.  



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