Smoker’s Lines don’t just happen to smoker’s; here’s why?

Smoker's Lines don't just happen to smoker's; here's why?

Got smoker’s lines? Whether you’re a smoker or not, these lip lines are tough to hide. Also, they can strike anyone, cigarette user or not. And, smoker’s lines don’t just happen to smoker’s. It’s all thanks to how the mouth moves. Constantly on the go (repetitive movement), the lips are vulnerable. Need to tackle them urgently? Read on. 

The Need for Speed

They are known to appear more on women than men; smokers lines love thin skin. So, the thicker your skin, the less likely you’re chance at developing them. And this may have been your thinking with smoking too. While your cigarette habit means constantly puckering your lips, it’s not actually the smoke that’s the culprit.

It’s the endless sucking motion. What else are you doing that’s keeping your mouth moving and possibly causing lines? Are you drinking through straws all the time? That’ll do it. Also, if you’re a serial gum chewer, that’s another action that could create smoker’s lines. All these habits mean the mouth’s main muscle contracts. Over time, vertical wrinkles appear, and the look of them may get worse. This, of course, depends on the thickness of your skin and the size of your lips. Are you starting to see deep smoker’s lines? Good news: there are solutions for softening them. 

Smoker’s Lines and Neurotoxins

The great thing about neurotoxin treatments is their usefulness. They really can be targeted to exactly where you don’t want constant muscle movement. For smoker’s lines, small anti-wrinkle injections are focused on the top lip. This helps reduce not only lower muscle movement but also improves lip rejuvenation. In other words, you get relaxed muscles (a good thing) and refreshed skin in one. 

Smoker’s Lines and Dermal Volumisers

Lips and dermal volumisers make the perfect pair. This type of procedure isn’t invasive, and recovery time is known to be fast. However, the sooner you treat smoker’s lines with volumisers, the better. Early wrinkles respond much better and are easier to treat. If you’re worried you’ve left things late, ask your aesthetic medical doctor about combination therapy. Hyaluronic acid-type volumisers teamed with non-invasive laser technology may be your answer. The latter is known for producing new collagen and also plumped-up lips. Additionally, there’s no downtime. So, a serious solution but an easy-going treatment. 

Smoker’s Lines and Bio-Remodelling 

If you’re in the market for a skin overhaul, bio-remodelling might be your box tick. If skin texture is a concern – and not just smoker’s lines – try this out. Bio-remodelling gives crepe-like skin renewed firmness and that tight, youthful look. High concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid (which naturally decreases as we age) is injected into the skin. As a result it stimulates the collagen and elastin production to keep the skin firm and taut. Also, you’ll get improved tone and texture and much-need hydration. All these actions are known for helping fill lines and wrinkles, making them look softer.  

Time to get real about your smoker’s lines? Because no matter whether smoking or something else has caused them, they can be dealt with. Chat to your aesthetic medical doctor about injectable solutions for straightforward and effective solutions. Here’s to a smoother skin journey. 


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