Smile Revive: Mouth Rejuvenation That Really Works

Smile Revive: Mouth Rejuvenation That Really Works

What does a gorgeous smile say about you? Have you heard about Smile Revive? Sure, you’re the friendly type, but you’re also young, healthy, and happy. Have we piqued your interest? A smile is also the universal sign of happiness, so conveying the expression of cheerfulness and approachability through your pout is part of your personal brand ID. Ageing lips, however, tend to look thinner and flatter. But it’s not just the plumpness that is affected. An actual downturned mouth (a combo of ageing factors) can create the look of an unhappy or grumpy face even if you’re feeling amazing inside. 


Definitely no to that! Want to recreate the fullness of youth and work on issues like smoker’s lines? This might be the treatment your lips have been craving…


Smile Revive: A Rejuvenated Mouth Starts Here

Often, getting to your desired result means treatment after treatment. What if you could target the concerns of one key focus area with gentle yet effective rejuvenation? That frowny mouth that makes you look displeased all the time? The loss of your gorgeous pout? And those lines that your lipstick has the habit of bleeding into? One therapy, high impact results. Research shows that noticing someone’s lips is a sign of attraction. 


And while no one should be looking for a lip restoration treatment just for that (it’s always about what you want), the mouth is all about non-verbal communication. Confused? Sure, words come from our lips, but it’s also a silent, expressive part of the face. A treatment like Smile Revive can help convey your non-wordy messages better. Carefully-placed dermal volumisers and wrinkle relaxers expertly positioned by aesthetic medical doctors turn back your pout’s skin clock. Able to smooth out, hydrate and re-plump lips, your smile looks fuller and with definition and beautiful balance.


Rejuvenation That Work: Get Ready to Pucker Up

How does Smile Revive work its magic? The innovation behind the treatment is Revanesse Kiss™ Volumisers – hyaluronic acid (HA) gel that sorts your smile out smartly. HA is naturally found in the skin, but as we age, our own supplies take a nose dive. The mouth area is made up of thin, delicate skin. Think of it like this: imagine the skin on your lips to be a soft membrane made up of only three to five cellular layers in thickness. Your facial skin, however, has 16 layers. Now that’s a contrast! 


No wonder this fragile skin ages and loses volume as quickly as it does. So that’s why adding more HA is so clever. It’s an ingredient that boosts hydration and pumps volume (hello, youth injection) and shapes and sculpts your pout for a more contoured look. It literally revives your smile. 


Isn’t this great news to smile about? Wrinkles are known to be a part of ageing women’s struggles. Why put up with them around your mouth? Yes, life is about change and getting what you want out of it. Get the smile you’ve always dreamt of. 



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