Inflammation: Information To Turn Your Skin into Happy, & Healthy Once More! 

Inflammation: Information To Turn Your Skin into Happy, & Healthy Once More! 

Inflammation gets talked about a lot these days. But has it just become a buzzword in the ever-growing world of well-being, or is there really more to it? Like the link between inflammation and your skin, for instance? If you think of the skin as a car’s dashboard, when a warning light goes on, it’s a signal that something is happening in your car’s engine. In other words, a pimple or breakout (while totally normal) may be saying, “Hey, something in your body needs your attention!” That skin of yours is very smart. So what are the signs of inflammation? And obviously – yes, we’ll get there – the solutions? Here is your info guide to understanding and calming your skin when inflammation strikes. 


Inflammation Station: What’s Arrived on Your Skin? 

Not all inflammation crops up in the same way. You’re not wrong if you think of it as red and itchy-feeling (think skin sensitivity). These warnings are indeed a sign of inflamed skin. Flakiness and dry patches? You’re right on track! Now, what about breakouts? Another sign of inflammation, pimples are often linked to gut health – and of course, a hormonal imbalance! Hormones can cause another inflammatory skin condition, and this time it’s one we often just blame the sun for Melasma. However, hormonal pigmentation shows up not only when your hormones are up and down (like pregnancy) but when your skin is inflamed too. And even just feeling hot (and getting hot) may trigger it. Need to keep your cool? Lowering body inflammation, as well as treating your skin correctly, goes far in caring for your complexion. And, always make it a 360 approach. 


A Happy, Healthy Skin: Food, Supplements and Treatments 

Bad skin, bad mood, right? It you’re constantly dealing with sensitivity or trying to banish breakouts, it’s no wonder your skin makes you grumpy. This may be the time to seek comfort in the deliciousness of coffee and cake, but promise, the proper nutrition is going to be much better for your head space and your complexion. 


As the skin is often mirroring what’s going on inside the body, now is the time for gut-friendly choices. And it’s not about clearing out your kitchen to live a life on spinach alone. It’s more about cutting down on inflammatory treats like sugar (sorry) and fuelling up on gut-friendly collagen and probiotics. Supplements like Zinc, Vitamins A, E and D3 and Vitamin C also help your skin find its calm. These are known to help boost skin health and work to counteract inflammation. 


As for treatments, that totally depends on what you’re targeting. Chemical peels can work just as well as breakout fighters as they can to even out skin tone suffering from Melasma. It all depends on which one you choose. Working with a skilled medical aesthetic therapist will help you take any guesswork out of which is your skin’s go-to peel. And it’s just as important if you have sensitive skin. Did you know that an Azelaic Peel is effective for acne yet gentle enough to be used on those suffering from rosacea? It’s known as an anti-inflammatory peel. Happy days right? 


We’re probably all dealing with inflammation in some form or another. Be it our body trying to deal with the food we eat, a health issue or a skin condition that doesn’t seem to quit, the sad reality is we’re swapping our welling and youth for those four flat whites a day. And yes, they are just so good. But if your skin is struggling, a health overhaul is an easy switch-up. Remember, sensitive skin isn’t a skin type; it’s a condition. That means working at it consistently – and from the inside out too. You got this! 



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