Skin Volume and Firmness: Why A Face Lift Doesn’t Always Mean Surgery

Skin Volume and Firmness Why A Face Lift Doesn't Always Mean Surgery

Sagging skin? That bouncy touch disappeared? Is your face looking sunken? Ok, we don’t mean to get all depro here, but these signs are all very normal when you’re naturally ageing. There’s no such thing as unnaturally ageing – that would be weird. But it is something (lots actually) you can do to rejuvenate loss of skin and fat pad volume and a sagging-looking face without any mention of a nip and tuck. It all starts with finding a treatment that supports your skin’s health. What will help with hydration and elasticity? Read on…


Volume and Firmness: Natural Defence Where Your Skin Needs It Most 

Why do all the skincare gurus preach about hydration when your skin seems under attack? That’s because, from an appearance level, hydration keeps skin cells plump, which is essential in preventing dry and dehydrated skin. A youthful face is jam-packed with a substance known as hyaluronic acid (HA). And it’s so necessary for the skin. Found in your body’s connective tissue, it gives the skin structure, keeping your complexion naturally hydrated and plump. As you get older, your own reserves take a nose dive. So, as the clock ticks on, a wise skin goal is to put back what another birthday takes out.


That’s where a treatment like the Liquid Facelift Rejuvenation enters centre stage. Especially if you want to push volume back in and work away that sunken look. Dermal volumisers with HA help replace lost volume, while neurotoxins (both thoughtfully placed) address issues like lines, wrinkles and drooping skin. This treatment also has the power to elevate your features. And how can your expert medical aesthetic doctor contour your face? The therapy’s ability to lift and pull away issues jowls (around the double chin area) means sharper-looking facial lines. 


Face Lift or Face Treatment: Why a Liquid Lift Isn’t Risky Business

Time (and, yes, money) are two things everyone is hyper-aware of currently. This means skincare goals must be cost-effective and work into your time budget. However, they also need to actually work. Results-driven therapies that show the beautiful outcomes you were after boosting confidence and, importantly, your skin’s health. But do you want to, and do you have the time for recovery post-op? That is why a low-risk, non-invasive option like the Liquid Lift means only up to three days maximum of downtime, and risks are medium. Always performed by a highly skilled aesthetic medical doctor, you can literally go back to work the next day, and it’s ice or topical anaesthetic only. Think holistic facial rejuvenation for a beautifully refreshed look (and no long, painful recovery). 


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to de-ageing. Some put a plan in place as early as 25; some want to start at 55. It’s all good. But know, there is a treatment for when you’re ready on your very own, very personal journey. It’s for you to decide. And that’s the beauty of innovative medical aesthetics. 


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