Skin Struggles: The top three for men and how to deal with them

Skin Struggles: The top three for men and how to deal with them

Real men love looking after their skins. Grooming has gone far beyond simply getting a haircut and slapping on aftershave. And it’s not just to look good, although who doesn’t want to cheat their age? Guys are just as concerned about skin struggles like sun damage and skin cancer.

Here’s the top three skin struggles for men and how to deal with them.

Skin Cancer

Let’s start with the serious stuff. At Skin Renewal we know all-too well about skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions. Living in sunny South Africa with its second highest UV concentration globally, this is our reality. The trick is check for the earliest warning signs of what could become more dangerous. Pre-cancerous lesions actinic keratosis (AK) is a common lesion. It’s as a result of ultraviolet light and means the very first sign of squamous cells (SCC). However discovering an AK early is vital. The same goes with moles or any skin marks that look off.

Sun Damage

Managed to live in South Africa and escape the heat? We didn’t think so. Even the most sun smart will have been exposed to our harsh UV as some point. And for men, maybe that means with age come signs of sun damage. This is also known as photoageing. As the skin thins all is revealed and issues like sun spots appear. These common skin problems for men include pigmentation and rough texture skin. The solution lies in treatments that work on targeting uneven skin pigment. And also smoothing the skin’s surfacing once more. The industry term for it is resurfacing. A number of treatments may be needed including IPL-type therapies. Also ask about a mild skin peel with a mix of gentle acids. Perfect for oily and acne skins, this type of skin peel can help with sun damage.

Age Spots

Which one out of three skin struggles would really give away a guy’s age? Age spots! Described as “liver spots”, they look brown, grey or black in colour. Appearing on the body’s sun-exposed places – like the hands – they crop up as you age. But not always. These flat spots sometimes show up as early as the twenties! A real sun worshiper? That may be why. For the most men, it’s not until they hit forty or even fifty, that age spots appear. In that space? Your treatment plan need to include both home products and in-clinic therapies. We’s suggest you try active ingredients like AHA’s, PHA’s, Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone. Formulated into skincare products, gentles acids can help treat age spots as well as pigmentation. For targeted treatments, advanced lasers and IPLS are extremely helpful. Breaking up pigment (the uneven colour), it’s accurate when working on small areas of skin.

In conclusion it’s encouraging to know there are so many ways you can deal with your skin concerns? We know that getting older is just a number. However as your skin is your body’s largest organ, it’s health is crucial. And just starting the conversation is the first big step. We’re always here to chat.


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