New Skin Solutions For The New Year (and How to Stick to Them!)

New Skin Solutions For The New Year and How to Stick to Them

New year, new resolutions, new skin solutions, right? We all love to make them; work goals, exercise targets, and especially health intentions. And we should! Without these resolutions, we can tend to drift. One year blends into another. However, it’s keeping them – that seems to be the problem! A university study found that 23 percent of people quit their resolutions within one week of making them. And only 19% were actually able to stick to their goals long term. This was over two years in the case of this study. So what’s the deal with earnestly deciding you’re going to run a marathon and then not doing it? Not ready to change your habits? No self-monitoring? Or simply not being specific about how you’re going to achieve your target? Perhaps the resolve lies in the planning…

Your Skin Solutions: Plan Your Goals

Decide where you want to go with your skin this year. Is 2022 all about sun damage and anti-ageing for you? Or perhaps it’s about pigmentation treatment. You can’t take a journey without a destination, so think about where you ultimately want to end up. Then break down your trip – in other words, the year ahead – into smaller goals. Start with a consult with an expert medical aesthetic doctor. This is crucial; a professional guide will help you navigate. Maybe you thought your acne was all about oil; ever considered your intrinsic health? This is why it’s so beneficial to have the best medical-aesthetician on your side. 

Treatment: It’s a Targeted Approach 

Once you and your expert have worked through your skin conditions and goals, it’s treatment time. Terms like “Bro-Tox” are over; men want an innovative and strategic approach to skin health (yes, including injectables like neurotoxins). A popular and effective treatment in your arsenal is a medical peel. These lift dead cells off the skin’s surface so products can sink in and work better. Peels also improve texture, acne, sun damage and congested pores. While deeper peels work on wrinkles and uneven skin tone. They can also be solution therapies for big occasions. While black ties parties and dinner jacket functions may not be on your radar right now, think ahead. When the time is right, consider a high-tech facial too. And it’s the complete opposite of your Mom’s “steam and cream.” A medical facial like the HydraTouch means device-driven skin radiance and rejuvenation for that “A-game” skin.  

So as the weeks fly towards February and the festive season becomes a blur, think of your skin. It’s an incredible organ. Your largest, it houses everything, gets hits by the sun every day and is very often neglected. Show it some love in 2022. There’s a skin solution to meet that resolution – and it’s a synch! 


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