Skin Icing: As A Treatment. What Is It Used For & Why?

Freezing Your Face Skin Icing What Is It

Skin icing is a treatment originating from Korea and once again it seems to be gaining popularity much to our dismay.


The treatment involves applying ice cubes directly onto the skin. Thereafter holding them in areas for lengthy periods and later moving it around over certain areas. This literally ‘freezes’ the skin cells in that area.


Skin Icing The Cold Truth


The treatment claims to ‘shrink’ pores, prevent and slow wrinkle formation, treat inflammation and even puffy eyes.



Applying an ice cube may cause the little muscles in the follicle called the arrector pili muscles to contract, thereby reducing the appearance of the pores. It may also reduce swelling and inflammation by reducing blood flow in a traumatised area, however, all these are very temporary solutions to long-term problems.

The extreme temperatures on the surface of the skin may shock the fine network of capillaries on the face, causing them to expand and collapse rapidly resulting in potential damage and visible broken capillaries.


Our solution to skin icing:

Refining pores

To refine your pores and skin texture, have regular skin peels. Initially, you will start on a mild version of chemical peels, as you and your skin become accustomed to the treatments, your therapist will gradually increase the concentration and even the type of peel you will be having over time to best suit your skin.


Wrinkle Formation

To prevent wrinkle formation completely you would need to be making use of injectables starting from as early as 27yrs of age.

Therefore to improve existing wrinkles, therefore you may want to consider injectables, laser, peels, dermapen . They offer so much more … invest in your skin and the rewards will be visible.


Under Eye Bags

These can be treated with Carboxytherapy and Mesotherapy as well as with fillers.


In conclusion, there are many alternatives to this chilly fad which have far longer lasting results. No need to rush!


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