Pigmentation, all you need to know about diagnosis and treatment

Pigmentation All You Need To Know About Diagnosis And Treatment

Pigmentation has taken over where wrinkles left off! As a result, there are plenty of creams and treatments available, often causing confusion and giving disappointing results. Here is all you need to know about pigmentation.

What is pigmentation?

This is a condition that causes the skin to discolour, also known as hyperpigmentation. It presents as either light or dark patches on the skin. It is the result of hormonal balances and/or extended sun exposure and consequently proves to be difficult to treat.

What causes discolouration?

This skin discolouration is as a result of increased levels of melanin in the skin. Common causes are injury, sun damage and hormonal changes (known as melasma). However, please note that birthmarks and freckles are a different type of pigmentation, because they are genetically determined.

Will you get it?

Generally, these patches are hereditary and are not limited to a particular skin type, nationality or age group. As a result, if your mother had them, you’re likely to have them too.

How can I protect against it?

Wear sun protection rain or shine UV Ray’s are not only out when the sun is shining! Wear a high-quality sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection every day. This is vital when your skin is susceptible to pigmentation, for example, pregnancy and hormonal changes.

Our top picks are:

– Lamelle’s Helase SPF 50

– Heliocare (options to suit all skins, colours and texture preferences)

Treating pigmentation

It is difficult to get the desired results without treating the cause of the pigmentation. Products are to be used in conjunction with a prescription, and treatment plan devised by an aesthetic doctor. Sunspots can be pre-cancerous and need to be checked at regular intervals, early detection saves lives.

The fact remains, however, the most effective results are achieved with a combination of treatments. Treatments include Laser, Fraxel Dual Laser, Skin Peels, Laser Genesis and some might not be suitable for you. Invest in your skin always put safety first!


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