Menopausal Skin: Age-Defying Treatment for Change

Menopausal Skin: Age-Defying Treatment for Change

Lots of perimenopause advice is dished out around the changes your body goes through. But as you hit this phase and step into menopause, who talks about what skin is faced with? Sure, aging is part of the natural process. Nevertheless, do you continue your regular de-ageing routine or find something that hits you differently? Your skin’s needs may be changing, and so with that in mind, look at finding a hybrid treatment: a happy medium of excellent anti-ageing care and putting back in what the effects of menopause are taking out.


Coming of Age: What’s Different About Menopausal Skin?

Those hormone levels are doing things to your skin, mood, and well-being. While you might be feeling those hot flushes, how do you feel about your skin? Less than hot? We got you! It’s around this time that collagen takes a rather alarming plumet. Yes, the usual wrinkles are a challenge, but skin dryness, volume loss (that gorgeous plumpness of youth) and lax skin become issues too. They are all very treatable, though.


Whether through smart supplements, skin-loving serums, or top in-clinic therapies, where there’s a menopausal complexion challenge, there’s a way to solve it. Switching up skincare makes a world of difference. Extra product layering or adding in a serum can tackle all sorts of issues, especially when it comes to skin dryness. That’s where a serum is your best go-to for highly concentrated actives. 


Reaching for one dose of Vitamin C gives skin the antioxidant protection it needs while building that all-essential collagen. As you slather on your powerful menopause skin helper, think of treatments that can turn around skin laxity and loss of bounce. They can also get to the root of another reason you’re mad at menopause: hormonal acne.



Treatment for Change: Expert Care for Excellent Results

Part of dealing proactively with skin challenges and finding your new status quo is realising that some are more skilled than others to help you get back on track. There’s nothing wrong with an OTC quick fix, but when dealing with hormones, a doctor-lead medical aesthetic skin therapist understands the body’s largest organ. And, most importantly, how it responds to different phases of life. Enter types of treatments that not only rejuvenate the skin but target issues specific to perimenopause and beyond. 


Both laser treatments and RF (radio frequency) needling are expert therapies for hormonal acne, skin laxity, and even redness. New-age treatments in both categories, like Endymed Intensif RF Micro-Needling, PICO-Toning, and PICO-Fractional Laser, are safe for all skin types. This means no worry about damage to skin tones that haven’t previously had access to suitable laser tech. All you have to focus on is revealing your most beautiful skin.


So What’s The Final Say? 

Bothersome symptoms or life-changing transformations, when you enter perimenopause know your journey isn’t going to look or feel like anyone else’s. Be kind to yourself, and whether you’re into ageing gracefully or as fiercely as possible, there’s so much help out there. So, go on. Your skin deserves that extra collagen support, and you deserve that treatment. It’s your adventure into the next phase of living!



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