Sculptra: Collagen Building & How It Helps Skin Regain Its Youth

Sculptra: Collagen Building & How It Helps Skin Regain Its Youth

It’s never nice to say goodbye to things we love. Some things leave a real hole in our lives, from our high school sweethearts to that discontinued ’90s taupe lipstick – never to be relaunched. Perhaps one of the saddest “cheers” we all say is to our skin’s youth. And it’s just one of those things. Thanks to collagen (one of the skin’s most essential building blocks) decreasing as the years go by, you can’t cheat the system. Or can you? With injectables like Sculptra you can undoubtedly give back what time takes away.

With Sculptra Slow and Steady Wins the Race! 

Anything seriously worth having means there may be some waiting involved. And that’s the deal with collagen-building from super-injectables like Sculptra. Known in the industry as a biostimulator, your skin will switch on its own collagen with this type of slow-release treatment. In other words, start making its own and rebuilding essential proteins that get broken down over time. And it’s such a necessary process. Without collagen, you’re looking at skin that lacks volume and a youthful-looking “plumpness” that screams 17 again. And then there are those deep wrinkles.

As Sculptra forms collagen from the inside out, lines that you thought were there to stay will gradually smooth out. Yes, it may not be an instant process, but more and more collagen is restored over time. This helps restore the skin’s scaffolding (the inside framework). In other words, collagen is created right where it needs to be – deep inside the facial contours. 

Super Injectables and Your Skin: What You Need to Know

 Putting back what time naturally takes away makes absolute sense. This type of treatment needs to be done by an expert aesthetic medical doctor who understands your skin and your journey. Happy to invest in long-lasting therapy for beautiful yet gradual results? This volume loss and deep wrinkle smoother is the ticket! But if you battle with issues like keloids, discuss these with your doctor. Allergy sufferer? Go through all potential hazards before treatment. In fact, a skilled health professional will investigate your entire history – a sign of a careful and concerned doctor. Remember, as your new injectable shows you its impressive results, you want to feel confident and totally happy. Choosing the best person to get your skin healthy, smooth and youthful means putting a little research in. Your face will thank you!

Regaining Your Skin’s Youth

Collagen building over time can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your skin. Especially if you see the process as creating solution-based changes, thereby using the power of intelligent non-invasive injectables. Modern aesthetic treatments can do so much for deep wrinkles and volume loss – and things keep getting better! 


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  1. Sarah Moeketsi

    I read your online information regarding collagen injection for deep wrinkles. Do you have an outlet in Pretoria

    Sarah Moeketsi

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Sarah

      Thank you for reaching out, we do in fact have two branches in Pretoria. I will get our online team to email you and assist you.

      Regards Heather

  2. Elize Engelbrecht

    I just want to know how much will the treatment cost and how many treatments do you need!

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Elize

      Thank you for reaching out, I will get our team to email you and assist with your query.



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