Youthful Temple Lift: Re-Balancing Your Face For a De-Ageing Refresh

Youthful Temple Lift: Re-Balancing Your Face For a De-Ageing Refresh

Skin ageing isn’t all fine line and wrinkles. Nor is it uneven skin tone and dark marks. Sadly those are just some of aspects. Losing weight – and where you need it most – on your face translates to actually sunken in areas. Feel like you’re looking hallowed out? It’s unnerving but it’s fixable – and treating areas the need added structure mean a fresher looking you. Let’s begin…


A De-Ageing Refresh: It’s A Balancing Act 

It’s the (very necessary) fat and bone from your temples that shrinks as you age. You’re left with concave hollows that can make your face look sunken in. Sadly this element of ageing can also make other challenges like crow’s feet appear more intense. Yikes! The trick to the right treatment is to re-shape the face again so it’s well-balanced and perfectly proportioned. A Youthful Temple Lift means three different types of rejuvenating therapies in one savvy solution to do just that. And all three are known for their de-ageing and restorative powers. So, instead of going into a medical aesthetic clinic for three separate therapies (especially if you’re time poor), you can hit your temple challenges in one go. 



The Youthful Temple Lift Explained: Volume Where You Need It Most

That wasted-away, unhealthy look of sunken temples can often be confused with sudden weight loss when you’re sick or dropping kilos too quickly. It’s this element of skin ageing that is often overlooked when putting a top treatment together. Sure, smooth out your skin, but carefully think about which areas really need to be re-plumped. We aren’t just talking lips here. 


Structure is so important to a balanced face, and for this aspect, dermal volumisers help restore volume. When having the Youthful Temple Lift, this happens after your skin has be treated to a Microtox Glow Facial (blending micro-needling with a specialised neurotoxin application). With the goal of refreshing your glow and refining your skin’s texture, as a result, this therapy amps up rejuvenation with next-level penetration. Now for that all-essential volume in the temple area – dermal volumiser time with an expert medical aesthetic doctor. 


Say goodbye to those hallows and hello to a happier and healthier-looking you

What’s amazing about non-invasive medical aesthetics is how specific treatment is. It’s innovation-lead so you can literally pinpoint an issue and voila, there’s a solution for it! And without major risks or downtime. So you do you, and go get what you want. The good stuff is just waiting to be had


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