Retinol: A proven way to prevent premature ageing

Retinol A proven way to prevent premature ageing

Are you using a good retinol product? Along with sunscreen, it’s one of the most proven skin care ingredients on the block to help you prevent premature ageing.


A potent form of vitamin A, retinol is a great antioxidant that can fade the look of pigmentation. It also helps encourage your skin to produce more collagen. The end result is skin that’s more even-toned, plumper-looking and less lined.


Choose your retinol wisely

Still, not all retinoids are created equally. You may have spotted retinol derivatives like retinyl palmitate and retinyl acetate in department store products. If you wondered if they were the same thing as a retinoid, they’re not. They’re a bit more ‘gentle’, so they’re less likely to irritate your skin, but they’re also a lot less powerful.


As true retinoid is a real powerhouse, it takes a while to build a tolerance to it. If not, you could experience irritation in the form of redness or mild peeling. This doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for sensitive skin. The trick is to start with a lower concentration of it, like a 0,5% retinol product and use it every second or third day.

We like  SkinCeuticals Retinol 0,5 Refining night cream and Neostrata Skin Active Retinol + NAG Complex which also contains 0,5% active ingredient.


Once you’re comfortable using that, you can then move on to a 1% retinol product. Lamelle Clarity Corrective PM Plus is another great option for an active treatment, SkinCeuticals have a great 1% product.


Again, you don’t have to use it every day. Every second day is perfectly fine. You’ll still benefit greatly from its use, far more than if you were using a milder derivative daily. Also, for the record, there’s nothing stopping you from using retinol in the day. Just don’t forget to apply your sunscreen before you step outside.


A bit about your eyes

It’s an age-old myth that you shouldn’t apply your retinol product around your eye area. The truth is that it’s one of the best topical actives you can use to fend off fines lines and crow’s feet. Team that with injectable neuromodulators like and you’ve got a great recipe for younger-looking eyes for longer.


Mix it up

In the same way, your body needs a mix of vitamins and minerals for optimum health, your skincare should contain several active ingredients ageing. There’s a misconception that you can’t combine retinol with ‘acids’ like antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C (ascorbic acid), top-notch exfoliator alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or blackhead-busting salicylic acid (also known as beta hydroxy acid or BHA).


The concern comes in because of the idea that the acid’s pH could ‘destabilise’ the retinol and prevent it from doing its good work. Truth is, properly formulated acids have a low pH (and in vitamin C’s case, often no pH) so this won’t interfere with retinol at all. In fact, AHAs and BHAs, because of their ability to remove dead skin cells, will help your retinoid product best penetrate your skin.


If you’re not using a product already, now is always a good time to start. A more even and less lined-looking complexion can be yours for the taking!


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  1. Marsella

    Good afternoon,

    Is it true that Retinols help with breakouts as well?


    • Beauty desk

      Hi Marsella

      Retinol can help, however, it is very much dependant on what the cause of your breakouts is? It is always best to seek professional advice so that your skin can be assessed and the correct products prescribed. With some breakouts, Retinols may worsen the condition.

      Regards Heather


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