Volume Revolution: Re-Shape Yourself Younger with Dermal Volumisers

Volume Revolution: Re-Shape Yourself Younger with Dermal Volumisers

What’s the deal with the volume revolution? Sure, we all wish it was those love handles and saddle bags that shrunk with time, but it’s our youthful balance of fat that changes – we lose it in some areas and gain it in others. In our skin, it means cheeks, lips and even the jawline. What to do? Injectables offer those areas that much-needed plumpness (and for all the right reasons). And voila, a gorgeous youth boost once more. Ready for the bigger picture? Here’s what you need to know. 


Reshaping Dermal Volumisers: Understanding Your Personal Volume Needs

Seldom is anything worth investing in a one-size-fits-all solution. And why would you want to go all matchy-match with something as precious as your skin? No, your face de-ages as individually as it ages. In other words, it’s all in the approach. Like MD Codes – think of this technique for dermal volumising as artistry, softening nasal labial folds and naturally plumping lips. Strategic placement means you get the best results. This tactic works a charm when using injectable volumisers for jawline reshaping. If you aim to restore facial harmony with a contouring treatment, dermal volumisers can be teamed up with skin resurfacing therapies. These help with sagging or loose skin. Again, it’s all about your face, and it’s the best way forward. An expert medical aesthetic doctor will always support you in tailor-making something that meets your skin’s needs and adds value to your de-ageing goals. 


The Volume Revolution: Younger, Softer, More Supple Skin

What’s the point of putting back what age is taking out? Regarding volume loss, it’s giving your skin back that youthful bounce, a sharper profile and a fuller look. And what if you don’t? Bounce and fullness are crucial; let things slide (forgive us the pun), and skin is more prone to texture challenges: cue wrinkles and unevenness. And the fullness means your face stays where it’s supposed to be – in other words, no dreaded sag. 


So that’s where dermal volumisers help. They also tweak areas that have fast-forwarded to the ageing process. It might be your genes, the sun or a vice (smoker anyone?), but lips take a beating. UV damage is thought to be the most destructive. Your pout sure doesn’t have to be perfect, but losing that plumpness and noticeable lines and wrinkles (right in the centre of your face) can make this area look older than the rest of your skin. 


Lip enhancement or lip augmentation creates symmetry, restores volume, and fills and smooths lines. And brownie points to a vital ingredient in this treatment. Hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the skin and stimulate collagen production, which can further improve the texture and elasticity of lips. Pucker up! 


Ready to get cheeky (or a bit lippy)? There’s so much you can do to restore and reshape the volume to key areas as your skin – and you – celebrates another birthday. Think of it as shoring up your face’s structure for the years ahead. Miracle creams don’t exist, but wise treatment plans do. Go for it! 



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