PRP for hair loss: Could this be the solution for you?

PRP for hair loss: Could this be the solution for you?

Hair loss is always distressing but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Skin Renewal, South Africa’s biggest aesthetics clinic chain, has successfully helped many patients restore their hair to thick and full using a selection of Hair Loss Solutions. The latest includes PRP. These solutions range from mild to intensive, depending on the stage of hair loss you’re experiencing.

For example, their Elite Hair Rejuvenation Solution is for someone who’s at the early stage of hair fall. It includes carboxytherapy and a massage using a cutting-edge solution containing biometric peptides to fortify your hair follicles. If, however, you’re experiencing a more advanced stage of hair loss, you’re going to want to break out the big guns. In this case, it’s a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, something that forms part of their Essential, Deluxe and Elite Solutions.  

PRP – Platelet-what?

If you’ve heard of a Vampire facial, the skin rejuvenation treatment much loved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, then you’ve heard of a PRP treatment. It involves injecting your own platelets – an amazing source of growth factors – into your skin to encourage positive changes like healing and collagen creation. When you do the same thing to your scalp, it can restore proper blood flow and cause the formation of new blood vessels. This allows nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to nourish your follicles, remove waste and increase cellular metabolism. All these factors contribute to encouraging the growth of healthy, new hair. 

To kick off the treatment, your doctor will draw blood from your arm via a regular syringe. Next, they’ll separate the red and white blood cells from the platelets via a ‘spinning’ process called centrifugation. This spin cycle causes the blood components to separate via gravity. The ‘heavy’ red blood cells come to rest at the bottom; the PRP ends up in the middle and the platelet-poor plasma rises to the top. To get at the PRP, the doctor will insert a syringe into the test tube and draw it out. It’s that simple! Also, you’ll be glad to know that Skin Renewal always gives your blood a double spin to draw more PRP from a single sample. Many other places that offer PRP will only spin your blood once. 

Don’t like needles? You don’t need to worry. A medical-grade numbing cream is used beforehand, so you won’t feel a single prick. Also, the treatment is incredibly safe. As the “medicine” is your own blood, you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects. 

Start your journey today

If you’re bothered by hair loss, be it mild or major, make an appointment to see one of the highly-skilled doctors at Skin Renewal. They’ll be able to diagnose the cause, be it an illness or the ageing process, and prescribe the best path of treatment. It could be a series of PRP treatments, another of their hair loss solutions or even medication. In fact, if your hair loss is caused by a nutritional deficiency, your “cure” might be something as simple as a supplement. This is something our doctors can pick up on via a blood test. At the end of the day, losing your hair is always unpleasant, but with the right treatment, you may well be able to regain a healthy-looking head of hair. 


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  1. Sholeen

    Hi there , can you provide me with more info and cost factor for the PRP treatment for hair loss .

    Thank you

  2. Dineo Mphothane

    How do I get hold of Skin Renewal in Bloemfontein and do they take Medical Aid.
    I would like to know my options as I’m experiencing some hair loss.

  3. Ruwaidah Vally

    What is the cost factor

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Ruwaidah

      I will get our team to send you more prices and info.



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