Pre-juvenation: This Year’s Best Anti-Ageing Move!


It’s normal to want to stay on top of the anti-ageing game. But as the birthday candles add up, you may feel like it’s time to get ahead before you start playing catch-up. This is a great way to see skin ageing as you step into 2023: plan how you can save skin before the damage is done. For those of you who get thrills from charts, highlighting and writing everything down, pre-juventation is an organiser’s dream. And for those who don’t need more admin, an expert medical aesthetic doctor can help you delay ageing. 

Game On: Discovering Your Skin’s Best Anti-Ageing Move

From age 25, skin starts ageing. Deep breath. It’s a slow process, and you might not see more than fine lines on the very surface of the skin. And, because of genetics and lifestyles, skins change at different rates, so it’s not like at 25, you’re going to see your Gran every time you look in the mirror. Secretly happy about that? We won’t tell Gogo. If you’re on a dedicated skincare routine in your 20’s, that’s another thing to be happy about. And if you feel like it’s time to start that pre-juventation strat, then upping collagen and elastin content in your skin could be a starting point.

See it as a way of banking what is needed as you reach your mid-years. Typical rejuvenation treatments like Dermapen and Profhilo help stimulate collagen, so these are go-to’s for women 30-plus. Want to start earlier? Discuss a nip-it-in-the-bud plan with a pro-medical skin therapist.

Pre-juventation: Why Ingredients in Skin Matter

We never say no to Vitamin A. Why? Well, retinoids help speed up skin cell turnover. You may have heard of this active ingredient as retinol. That’s because it’s the most widely available and oldest form of Vitamin A. It comes in varying strengths, which is often where some skin guru wisdom can be instrumental. If you have never used it before, the rule of thumb is to start low and slow. And be very sun shy – and always use a high factor SPF. Unfortunately – a bit of a downer here – retinol makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays and can lower the efficacy of your product.

That said, after discovering the proper treatment retinol goodie for you, the trick is to use it at night. And the following day, always apply sunscreen after you’ve swept on your initial skincare. While retinol works overtime helping to decrease pore size, getting your glow on and more, sunscreen remains your most potent anti-ager. As its estimated 90 percent of ageing is caused by the sun, no pre-juvenator’s kit is complete with the best stand-alone SPF they can invest in. 

As you get serious about your anti-ageing game, remember as long as you’re happy and confident in your skin, you’ll feel great. Smart solutions and skincare simply mean a slow drip approach as you start to notice those first little signs of ageing. It’s a journey, so take your time and suss out what’s right for you. Here’s your best skin! 


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