Post-Treatment skin, all you need to know to maintain it

Post Treatment Skin All You Need To Know To Maintain It

How do you take care of your skin after having a professional beauty treatment? It may seem as though slapping on a little cream and walking away would be an adequate answer for many, but this simply is not the case. Post-treatment skin is precious and needs much care.


Post-Treatment Skin Care

Professional skin care treatments are designed to work on a deeper level than your daily skin routine. The treatments may vary from a deep cleansing facial which is mild and a really good ‘clean out’ to a more intense laser and skin peels. No matter what your choice of treatment there are in fact a few simple rules you need to adhere to.


Post-Treatment Tips

1. Only use products which are suited to your skin and recommended by your professional skin care therapist. For instance, you would not want to exfoliate for at least 2 – 3 weeks after a skin peel. Professional skin care products are usually cosmeceuticals which work deeper into the skin and maintain your results.

2. Apply products to hydrate and restore the moisture balance of the skin. Try to avoid overly active products for a week or two but rather opt for those which hydrate and protect.

3. Red and inflamed skins are vulnerable to the sun and prone to pigmentation. An SPF 30+ is a must!

4. Do not try to speed up the healing process. Overstimulating the skin by peeling, flaking or using exfoliants when you shouldn’t will only cause added discomfort and inflammation.

5. Use products such as a barrier repair cream. These restore the skin’s natural protective layer. This equips the skin to fight off a bacterial invasion and restore the skin’s natural pH of 7, a slightly acid pH. This type of post-care is especially essential after laser and chemical skin peels.

Always ensure that you protect the investment you have made in your skin, by simply taking the time to care for your skin once you leave the clinic.





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