Plasma pens: Not all pens are equal so choose wisely!

Plasma pens: Not all pens are equal so choose wisely!

There’s a new beauty buzzword in town and it’s “plasma pen”! Never heard of it? Not to be confused with Dermapen, a plasma pen is a pen-like device that emits a high-frequency electric current. The current moves between the tip of the pen and its target so it doesn’t even have to touch your skin. Also, if you’re using a numbing cream, you’ll only feel a flash of heat, no discomfort. The goal is to use the device to create tiny dot-like wounds. These encourage the creation of new collagen and cause the targeted skin to tighten up. Their results can be so dramatic that plasma pens are now used to perform a non-surgical eyelid lift. They can also treat many other aesthetic concerns, things like scarring, stretch marks and acne.

Sounds amazing! Where can I get one?

Hold it right there! Yes, you CAN find plasma pens for sale online. A quick Google will bring up a string of them. Thing is, trust us when we say you really don’t want one. At least not a non-medical grade one that is. You see, not all plasma pens are created equally. Also, any plasma pen, be it one from Gumtree or a medical-grade model could deliver disastrous results in an untrained hand.

To explain, inferior devices will use a much lower frequency than those of professional devices. You also have to hold these “cheapie” models a lot closer to the treatment area. These are just two things that can cause them to emit a painful shock. Technical specs aside, the way the pen is used makes all the difference too. If you’re attempting to DIY and don’t have proper training, you increase your risk of all sorts of problems. These run from uneven results and scarring to infection and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). What began as a bid to save a bit of money could well become a very expensive problem resulting in multiple visits to an aesthetic doctor to fix.

Plasma Pens. Don’t take the risk. See a pro!

If you’ve heard the hype about plasma pens and want to try it for yourself, make an appointment to see an aesthetic doctor. They’ll be able to assess your skin to see if you’re a candidate. Those with darker skin tones, for example, can be trickier to treat due to their tendency to develop PIH. However, if you and the plasma pen are deemed a good match, you’ll be in highly-skilled hands. You’ll also be treated using a medical-grade device that will always deliver far superior results to anything designed for home use.

Ultimately, your face is something you wear every single day. Rather see a skin care expert with a professional tool. This way, you won’t be taking a crazy risk. Instead, you’ll get to reap all the benefits and enjoy more youthful-looking skin.


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