Pimples – How to extract a pimple without damaging the skin?

Pimples - How to extract a pimple without damaging the skin?

Pimples are in fact infected follicles with a blockage at the surface which traps bacteria and causes the infection. In short the best way of extracting a pimple? Visit a professional!

Yes, we know that this is not always affordable or accessible, so here are our top tips on safely extracting a pimple at home and which to avoid.

Pimples have a knack for showing up at the worst moments possible, like before a date or interview.  But worse is the fact there is nothing like a red, swollen blemish to shake your confidence.

Pimples and extractions at home

Now, you could go see a skin care professional, but that can be costly or you may struggle to get a last-minute appointment. But, a pimple extracted correctly can leave an unsightly scar!

You could also just leave your pimple alone, a.k.a. the “do nothing” regimen. yeah right! So what’s best practice in avoiding self- mutilation when doing extractions?

Okay, so the first thing you need to do is evaluate the pimple:

  • Do consider popping a pimple, but only when it has a soft white head. This means that the pus or infection is close to the surface of the skin and is ready to be drained without much effort.
  • Don’t try to pop a pimple that is blind or cystic. These are deep, infected bumps that are far below the skin’s surface. They often feel hard and are often painful to the touch. All you will do here is serious damage and extract nothing … leave these alone!

Extracting those nasties

Whilst we would prefer to see you in the salon, we know you will try your own thing. That is why we will rather share these tips, but again if you can visit a professional.

Getting started:

– Wash hands soap and rub with waterless hand cleaner: The cleaner and more sterile the better.

–  Wash your face: Time to cleanse your skin before (and after) you extract. You don’t want to do this process with makeup on.

– Prepare clean towels: Have a few fresh towels ready next to the basin, these are crucial to prevent contamination.

Use alcohol swabs to sterilise the area: Available at pharmacies these help to keep the area sterile and infection free. Use both before, after and even in between when necessary.

Pierce the skin with a sterile needle/lancet: Use the sharp end in a flicking movement to pierce the skin before pressing out the infection.

Use your tissues and latex gloves: First put on the gloves and then wrap the pressing fingers in tissues. This is so that your fingers don’t have to touch the open pimple. We do this because bacteria can linger even after washing your hands. Gently press in a downward movement but do not squeeze or break the skin. Press until the liquid is clear or clean blood and then stop.

Sterilise the area again: Swipe and keep the area sterile and infection free.

That really is how simple it is to extract a simple white-headed pimple which is not caused by ace. If you have acne please do not extract yourself! Acne has additional bacteria in the pus and all you will do is spread the infection. For acne always consult a skin doctor.

If the bump is fleshy looking and under the skin, this may be a milia in which case extractions using a lancet by a professional is recommended. Do not attempt these at home – ever!

In the long term, you may wish to consider investing in regular skin peels to keep your skin smooth and pimple free.


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