Peels: It’s All About The “Skin-A-Peel” & Optimum Results

It Is All About The Skin A Peel

Peels have been used and abused in the past but today we hope to share a little more information and give some clarity on peels and how you can personally benefit and have a radiant skin without any unexpected side effects.


Firstly let’s debunk two myths about peels:


All skin peels are the same, right?

No, all skin peels are not the same. Skin peels may contain similar ingredients however the concentration and activity levels vary. Skin peels are also graduated into levels that allow your skin to slowly adjust so that you get a minimum reaction but with a maximum benefit.

At any aesthetic/skin care centre there are entry level facial peels and then the more advanced skin peels, these treat specific skin conditions such as pigmentation, ageing often the types of active ingredients are blended as opposed to one type as in the basic peels.


Entry level peels are as follows:

Peel Name: Glycolic Peel

Who can have this peel? All skins EXCEPT oily skins

Downtime: None


Peel Name: Beta Peel

Who can have this peel? Acne skins (except those which are dehydrated)

Downtime: None


Once you have had a few entry-level peels and your skin is then assessed to see if it is ready to progress to the next level of skin peels which are combined peels, but not before.


Second Myth:


All peels can be done by a skin care therapist, WRONG!

There are advanced medical peels that can only be done Medical Aesthetic Doctors, they usually treat skin conditions that need to work much deeper in the skin and therefore have a definite ‘down time’ period where the skin needs to be treated with great care and in a very sterile environment.


Peels are great for treating anything from:

– scarring

– pigmentation

– lack of vitality/dullness, coarse texture

– ageing skin

– fine lines and wrinkles

– long term sun damage


For more on peels, it is best to book a consultation with a skin care therapist and have a full assessment of what would suit your skin and a treatment plan tailor-made to your needs.


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