Outsmarting Melasma: Staying Ahead of Dynamic Pigmentation Matters 

Outsmarting Melasma: Staying Ahead of Dynamic Pigmentation Matters 

Are you outsmarting Melasma? Has your skin changed over the years. And by years? We mean your hormonal journey. Like that time you went on the Pill. Or when you were pregnant? And perhaps your mom is seeing changes in her skin now that she’s on hormone replacement therapy. So what’s switched? As you live life, your skin may become uneven in skin tone. But what’s different for many women is that a particular type of hyperpigmentation (Melasma) is hormonal. And, because hormones are essential to your health, it’s tricky to boss oestrogen and progesterone around. Well, too much, anyway. They’re active in your body, and whether in balance or not, like your Melasma, they must be managed. So, you need to think “Survivor” – outwit, outplay, outlast! Or, more simply put, outsmart…


Dynamic Pigmentation: What’s The Root Cause? 

Figuring out the why in any situation arms you with tackling it head-on. Hormones play a starring role in the reason you’re seeing Melasma spreading. And it’ll look different to other dark spots that may crop up. Do you see a mirror image? In other words, brownish patches on both sides of your face with a symmetrical look? That’s Melasma for you. And while it is given nicknames like the mask of pregnancy, your poor hormones shouldn’t take all blame. Inflammation from an issue like leaky gut, sun exposure (even heat exposure), some medications and genetics can all mess with complexion perfection. 


Get Active: Why It’s So Important to Stay One Step Ahead

Melasma is known as a dynamic or active condition. This may seem a little depro, but it’s a work-in-progress challenge. You’ll need to keep treating it instead of expecting to reach an end goal. In addition, making intelligent switches to your lifestyle means great skincare gains. Does diet impact Melasma? There are some snacks and treats you may want to give the cold shoulder. Love a big milky latte as your afternoon pick-up? And what about gluten fuelled pasta, pizza and other hearty favourites? Leaky gut is known to be triggered by dairy and gluten, which may trigger Melasma. But before you bin the bread and cheese, think of supplements as another way to manage your hyperpigmentation. You can undoubtedly support your skin’s health and help keep your complexion even toned with Meriva and Pro-Pheroid Glutathione, both natural anti-inflammatories. 


No Tricks, Just Treats: Why Outsmarting Your Melasma And Your Treatment Journey Matters

Like sensible lifestyle choices, treatment plans are about staying the course. It’s like eating right; it’s got to be done most of the time, not just when you feel like it. A therapy strategy suited not only to your active Melasma but also to other factors will give you the best results. And keep your skin safe, especially if you have a dark skin tone. Working toward evening out dark marks and patches is one thing, but its risk causes more of the same. We get it; why go to all the trouble? That is the problem with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH); it flares just when you are trying to treat flares. Well, at least the results of a flare-up. And so, treatments that are safe for dark skin tones like Endymed RF Micro-Needling and Laser Genesis mean no risk nor downtime. 


Sure, marathons are scary. But a skin sprint doesn’t mean unique things. It’s usually slow and steady that wins the glow race. And the health one too. When you’re outsmarting Melasma, the best approach is all about consistency. 


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