Nose Jobs: Don’t Get Your Nose Out Of Joint, Just Fix It!

Nose Jobs Dont Get Your Nose Out Of Joint Just Fix It

It’s widely known that ‘nose jobs’ are one of the most coveted plastic surgery procedures worldwide. However, often there is little follow through – mainly due to the fear of undergoing the knife.


Times have changed somewhat though and these days the world is presented with far more treatment options. There are those to ‘prettify’ the nose area, those to lift and those to shape the nose, all with the added benefit of no surgery required.


Non-surgical nose jobs

These liquid nose jobs, or non-surgical rhinoplasty; is a simple procedure that uses dermal fillers. It helps people to achieve a more desirable shape to the nose without surgery. The latest procedure to launch is called a 3D Rhinoplasty, it is a combination of dermal fillers and a unique PDO thread developed specifically for the nose area known as the ‘Broom Thread’.


It is important to remember that the doctor you choose needs to know and respect the facial anatomy. The safest location to inject is said to be along the bridge of the nose, and away from the arteries. You cannot inject the nose willy-nilly and expect there to be no consequences. Always choose an experienced medical aesthetics doctor. The alternative is risky, especially if they don’t know what they’re doing!


Before having treatment, discuss all aspects of the procedure with your doctor.  Also, discuss all of the risks with your doctor, and be sure of the types of fillers they use. Where they are purchased and why they are used because there are many “black market” products circulating?


Benefits of 3D Rhinoplasty:

– Minimal downtime

– No invasive surgery

– Knife-free treatment

– Changes the shape of the nose


Nose jobs are now affordable and knife-free

It is now affordable, easy and non-invasive to have your nose lifted and shaped all in one 3D Rhinoplasty treatment. Therefore leaving you no reason to get your nose out of shape!


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  1. Elzaan

    Hi there how much is the nose reduction please. An estimated price. Smaller and more beautiful shape please

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Elzaan

      We only do non-surgical which can correct lumps, bumps and give a more streamlined nose, For a reduction, you will need to go the surgical route and find a plastic surgeon.


  2. Queen

    Is it possible to choose the size and shape of the nose…?
    Around Gauteng where can one do this and for how much?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Queen

      With non-surgical nose jobs it is only for minor changes to the nose. If you are looking to change size and shape you would need to go the surgical route.

      Regards Heather

  3. Trevor

    Hi. Wer is this treatment offered in Durban?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Trevor

      Thank you so much for your message, I have given Izak your info and he will mail you more info.

      Regards Heather


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