Safely Rejuvenated: Non-Ablative Laser For Radiant Skin

Safely Rejuvenated: Non-Ablative Laser For Radiant Skin

Here’s the thing about laser: it’s fantastic for refreshing skin and boosting its condition. However, the wrong choice of laser does come with risk. In other words, you got to know your laser – and know it well. Have you ever thought of a non-ablative laser? While it still kickstarts intense rejuvenation, it’s known not to jeopardise your precious skin. Nobody wants the threat of potential changes in tone, swelling, infection or even scarring. Yikes! A non-ablative laser is tempting thanks to its faster post-procedural recovery time. Let’s get into it. 


Safely Rejuvenated and Radiant Skin: Treatments to Get Your Face in Shape 

Your skin condition, including those that bother you, is a way to select which laser will love your complexion best. Although expert advice – from an aesthetic medical doctor with a trained skin therapist – is crucial in deciding your non-ablative laser of choice. Of course, a few boxes can be readily ticked with one type of treatment. You must think carefully about your goals and chat through these needs with your skin doctor. For instance, is budget a concern? Ditto skin sensitivity, dullness, premature ageing and specific conditions like acne scars. Meet Laser Genesis Rejuvenation


For this pool of concerns, you’d need something fairly powerful to wake up the skin and get it to the next level, while being safely rejuvenated. If you’re a sensitivity sufferer, you know you have to be mindful. This is a six to eight-treatment course of therapy. Translation? The effects are accumulative, meaning that the results of each previous treatment are improved with the next. So, when new collagen is stimulated and remodels, further tightening happens. And that’s where the magic of this valuable yet safe laser therapy happens. 


Non-Ablative Laser Continued: Why Everyone’s Talking About PICO Laser

Sometimes you need that turbo-charged treatment. But while levelling up may be what your skin needs right now, proceed with the understanding that some skin tones need to be careful. However, the therapy choices are varied with lasers like PICOtoning with HandPICO Laser. Read: This is a non-ablative laser that’s got your skin’s concern (and safety) on the top of your mind. So, what is it you need to treat? 


This versatile tool is adaptable. A chameleon of laser, you can even go for aggressive treatment (not recommended for darker skin tones, like Fitzpatrick Four to Six). This type of skin conditioning includes work on the deeper layers of skin where issues like stubborn acne scars and ingrained wrinkles sit. You may need a lighter touch. Simply want to do a little skin tightening, reduce blemishes and even out skin tone? PICOtoning (at its gentlest level) acts as a complexion rejuvenator. With more options and less downtime, you have the perfect opportunity to tailor a program to your skin’s needs. You know you’re getting the best facial results with your optimal laser intensity decided on by a skilled doctor. 


Starting to fall in love with laser? We can’t blame you. New-age laser is all about the safety of skin yet beautiful rewards. An intensive glow-up? Yes! But a non-ablative laser is a savvy way to treat texture and tonal challenges, whether small or big issues—it’s time to get yours sorted.  



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