Neck Rejuvenation: The Rise of Non-Surgical, The Neck’s Best Thing

Neck Rejuvenation: The Rise of Non-Surgical, The Neck's Best Thing

Experiencing a little pain in the neck? No, not the tweak of a muscle spasm or the stiffness of pulling an all-nighter in front of your laptop, but rather a few skin issues cropped up south of your face. Neck challenges can be surprising. Especially since we’re drilled to spend most of our time and attention caring for our skin. So, what about neck rejuvenation? Tightening to curb sagging skin? Less noticeable neckbands? Or clearing deep-seated pigmentation like melasma from this thin, delicate area? It’s time to tackle with treatment that’s totally non-invasive. 


Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation: There’s An Injectable Option of Everything  

If your neck is giving you less than gorgeous energy, a glow-up can mean one of many things. It all depends on what you’re after. Unlike your face, your neck has less collagen, so the years may not have been as kind. Due to this lack of collagen, sagging or waddle is common. The skin loses elasticity over time. Injectables like PDO Threading and the Nefertiti Neck Lift mean no surgery is required, yet give that lift you’ve longed for. The procedures work a little differently, however; threading gives sagging skin fresh contours but with the benefits of actually getting collagen revved up. It’s all thanks to what the actual threads are made from, which stimulates collagen production. 


A Nefertiti Neck Lift uses injections on the lower jaw line targeting the platysma muscles. These are the ones responsible for pulling the jawline down. Give them a chance to relax, and you’re creating a rebalance. And that means a lift in your neck and jaw area. Staying with injectables, Sculptra is part of the exciting new bio-stimulator family. Working overtime to give you firmer skin, think of this treatment as slow and steady wins the race. Boosting collagen production helps once saggy skin to tighten and smooth, but changes are gradual, although they can last up to two years. Bonus! 


Neck’s Best Thing: Combatting Sun Damage, Pigmentation and More

Remember when you got a harsh sunburn on your neck and down towards your décolleté? Ouch. Again, the thin skin of this area (and maybe not being as careful with SPF) can lead to sun damage on your neck. Dark marks or other pigmentation spots that need to go? Your neck may need a laser or the latest clever chemical peel. Limelight treatment for discolouration means working with your specific needs. 


A laser that can be tweaked according to what your neck is craving, any ageing conditions, or simply brightening this zone of the skin. Do you feel your active pigmentation – like melasma – needs the latest in even-tone, glow-boosting? MesoBrite, with its in-clinic peel for the therapy of stubborn dark marks, combines homecare. It’s as much part of the treatment for gorgeous results. Helping to regulate inflammation, even if acne is another bugbear you’re battling, this peel won’t sensitise your skin. And it’s safe for all skin types. 


With the choice in neck rejuvenation and seeing smoother, de-aged skin, innovative medical aesthetics are proving surgery isn’t your only youth booster. And it’s all about being picky – in a good way. Decide what your neck goal is and select your skin restorer accordingly. It’s all about safe, results-driven treatment that returns what time takes out. 


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