Moisturiser Mistakes: 5 Common Mistakes We all Make Daily

5 Common Moisturiser Mistakes We all Make Daily

Moisturisers are an investment in long term skin care and anti-ageing regimen, yet very few people seem to understand the following when it comes to applying their moisturiser. Moisturiser mistakes include the likes of applying and wasting far too much product.


Some of the most common moisturiser mistakes include:

1. More is not better

This is not necessarily true, it is not about the size of the blob of cream but rather just having adequate product to moisturiser and soothe your skin. These days many skin care products come in the form of a pump and one pump of your moisturiser should be enough to cover your neck and face area.


2. Eyes need special attention

The delicate eye area has very few pores and the skin structure is a lot finer in this area. This means that you will definitely need a separate eye product which needs to be applied under your moisturiser. Eye products have a much finer molecular structure which means the product can penetrate through this delicate skin.


3. Apply your moisturisers in the correct order

Moisturisers are like clothing and need to be applied in the correct order so that they can be effective. This is how your routine should look …

Eye cream, lip cream, serum, moisturiser and only then your sun block.


4. Avoid friction and skin pulling

Your skin is not a piece of old leather but rather the largest living organ of your body, treat it gently and with care to avoid stretching, pulling and damaging the skin. Always put your products in your hands, spread evenly and at into the skin.


5. Allowing the product to penetrate

Often we are in such a rush that we tend to slap on the moisturiser and directly after that slap on our foundation …NO! Moisturisers needs a few minutes to absorb and settle on the skin before you apply your make up, this prevents make up from sliding and gives the moisturiser a chance to sink in and work where it is needed most.

Moisturisers are an investment and I would highly recommend the use of a cosmeceutical product which works in the deeper layers of the skin. Yes, they may be more costly but ultimately they work far more effectively with greater results.


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