New age injectables: the shot your skin needs now

New age injectables the shot your skin needs now

The world of new age injectables is here! Are they the same as dermal volumisers and neurotoxins? No, and that’s a good thing! Your beautiful results from fillers and neurotoxins mean plumping and smoothing. New age injectables however work to rejuvenate skin by treating its texture. Known as bio re-modelling, treatments like Profhilo Bio-Remodelling help put the bounce back in your skin. This means those suffering loss of volume and elasticity have a solution for crepiness. The hero ingredient in this cutting-edge innovation is powerful Hyaluronic Acid (HA). In addition to stimulating the production of collagen and elastin (these keep skin firm and taught), HA improves tone and texture. And, it also is very well known for a real moisture boost!

This is why Hyaluronic Acid is amazing!

Our bodies naturally produce HA and production drops as we age. This means less is available to help with skin hydration. As well as keeping moisture locked in, HA is helps with collagen creation. As a result, you get wrinkle prevention benefits and a fine skin texture. So it’s a good idea to replenish what aging takes out! New age injectable treatments like bio-remodelling injectables use a pure form of synthetic HA. This hard-working ingredient is inserted with a very small needle to kickstart skin sculpting benefits.

Slow and steady wins the race

A new category into the injectable market, these treatments work by slowly releasing actives into skin. Once injected, HA releases slowly, hydrating and lifting. It’s also able to create a scaffold for the surrounding tissues. Clever right? And this means skin is sculpted and tightened once more. However, it’s still important to commit to your regular dermal volumiser and neurotoxin appointments. These can be done together with new age injectables and aren’t their replacement. Think of them as a way to strengthen and condition the skin.

Not just a pretty face

What other areas of your body would benefit from bio-remodelling? Map them out! New age injectables can treat the décolletage, hands, arms and knees. And they’re low to medium risk procedures, so your diary isn’t put on hold! Need to be out and about? There’s no down time. If you’re in a #WFH setup, that’s fine too. This is a “return-to-Zoom” immediately treatment.

Ultimately these injectables give skin the chance it needs to firm and refine again. It’s a new category of injectable and a solution the Skin Renewal team is thrilled about! Look no further than Profhilo Bio-Remodelling for the latest in this technology. We’re here to discuss the concept with you at any time.


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  1. Bulelwa Okafor

    Do they also work for puffy eyes? Kindly send the pricing list for the branch in Cape Town west coast please. Thank you

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Bulelwa

      Thank you for reaching out. This may not be the ideal treatment, but we do have others. I will get our team to reach out to you and assist you with advice and pri ces.


  2. Imelda Brown


    Price please and recovery time. Also, does this work for all areas on the face and how long does it last.

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Imelda

      Thanks for reaching out. I have your info and will get our team to reach out and assist you with prices.


  3. Elsabe

    Hi, if you want to treat the whole face with Profhilo, what will the cost be?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Elsabe

      I have your info and will get our team to assist you with the prices.



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