Neurotoxins And Migraines? Why Injectables Aren’t Just About Ageing 

Neurotoxins And Migraines? Why Injectables Aren't Just About Ageing 

The skin savvy amongst us knows the power of neurotoxins for smoothing wrinkles. Got your aesthetic medical doctor on speed dial for your regular softening of crow’s feet or bunny lines? You obviously know how this type of treatment controls muscle movement. So, what other issues can it remedy? While a youth boost may be your SOS, health challenges messing with your mood are as important. And so, just when you thought neurotoxins were for good looks only, along comes a hard-working health hero. And one that really helps take a load off! Migraine sufferer? TMJ pain? Oh, and something you may not really want to shout about; excessive sweating? Enter the injectable solution to get you feeling a whole lot better. 


Melting Away Migraines: How Neurotoxins Can Help

Any migraine sufferer will tell you this is the Formula One of all headaches. There’s no holding back when one decides it’s time to hit; it’s full throttle. The other symptoms you feel are the difference between a regular headache and a migraine. Think nausea, changes to your vision and very intense pain (usually on one side of the head). Even certain sounds can freak you out. Tried everything to soothe an attack? First, look at the culprits behind them; hormones, food (from gluten to dairy and even citrus), stress, and not drinking enough water can all be to blame. 


Can Your Genetics Be To Blame?

And so can your DNA. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Understanding your triggers is essential; it helps you take better care of your health – like getting enough sleep and avoiding a coffee overload, another migraine offender. But obviously, you want to be pain-free and not worry about the next one incoming. That’s where a holistic approach really makes a difference. Start with health coaching, working with a healthcare professional to help sort your sleep, stress, diet and supplementation out. Your pro might also recommend Biopuncture Injection Therapy, intramuscular injections to help with healing and pain relief. And then neurotoxin injections. Research shows that these may work on nerve cell signalling systems that deal with pain perception. There are several points in the face, neck and even the shoulders where you can be injected – and yes, you can get that bonus facial youth boost if treating this area. 


It’s Not Just An Age Game: Neurotoxins and Other Health Benefits 

What’s one of the most common dental issues linked to stress? Teeth grinding and jaw clenching. It’s become so typical now that it’s reported that one-third of adults do in the daytime and about one in ten at night are sufferers. If you’re waking up with TMJ pain (temporal mandibular joint pain), it’s likely because you’ve overworked your jaw, or it’s displaced thanks to grinding those gnashers at night. And just going about your day, you can clench your jaw when tense. So, the first step is to be aware of relaxing this area. Then next – especially if it’s causing tension headaches – is to consider neurotoxin injectables. Doing this simply weakens the muscle but not so much as to relax it so much that you can’t use it. 


In other words, yes, you’ll still be able to enjoy a good fillet steak! But those migraines, jaw pain and neck stiffness from clenching and grinding (not to mention damage to your teeth)? That’ll definitely be eased. The same therapy also helps with an issue a lot of us don’t want to confess to, being rather sweaty. We all sweat, but if it’s all a bit much, it’s a problem that can be difficult to manage. That’s where the benefit of neurotoxin injectables means a happier headspace – as well help with the actual physical issue. Areas that perspire excessively, like your underarms and even your palms (called palmar sweating), can be restricted with just a few nips of a needle. In other words, the treatment helps block the action of the nerves that deliver moisture to the sweat glands. Hello, drier, more confident days ahead. 


It’s Not A Lost Cause

Isn’t the world of aesthetic medicine just getting better and better? You may have thought it was mostly about saving face, but with the steady stream of innovative research, there are amazing things making room for anything and everything your body needs. Yay for that! So, set your goals and don’t shy away from bringing your skin, body and health challenges to the best professional aesthetic doctor or therapist you can find. You may be pleasantly surprised at what beautiful and life-changing results await. 



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