Menopause: Feel Better, Look Better and Discover A Whole New You

Menopause: Feel Better, Look Better and Discover A Whole New You

“The change of life” is an expression our Mamas had to deal with. And perhaps it didn’t sit well. Grey hair, weight gain, hot flushes, the list of looking and feeling different seemed endless. At the same time, the stigma of menopause has shifted (everyone is fabulous at 50), but the symptoms haven’t. And while they’re spot on for some, all women will have different experiences. And that’s life, isn’t it? So, what are you dealing with? More importantly, what do you need help with? Here’s how to feel and look better. 


Discover a Whole New You: Menopause and Your Wellbeing 

The reason behind “The Change” or menopause is hormonal. Isn’t everything? As young as 40, those essential female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone dip. And so, with your hormone levels changing, your body mirrors this adjustment in various ways. Maybe hot flushes, mood swings and insomnia are the most talked about, but there are many other ways your body is saying, “I’m going through something.” You may even just be feeling “off.” It’s also important to remember it’s not just about hormones. 


This phase is often about discovering a whole new you. And your wellbeing needs to be at the top of your mind. Some women need real support managing their health during this time (medical, emotional and lifestyle), while others find it easier to troubleshoot. There’s no right or wrong. There’s just the best support plan for you. Understanding how to navigate it starts with getting to know your Pillars of Health.


Feel Better, Look Better: Holistic Health 

The Pillars of Health essentially view wellbeing as such: gut health, balanced nutrition, stress management, and regular exercise. Each element is as important in maintaining general health, so you can imagine how you’ll be when you’re dealing with you’ll use. 


Sure, you still need to investigate specific therapies that’ll shore you up, but if your gut health is sound, you’re eating well (and clean), coping with stress, and moving each day, that’s major. It may seem a lot to get right if you’re not and you’re in your menopause zone. That’s where partnering up with an expert medical doctor can make all the difference. The gut is renowned for ensuring your general health is at the top of its game. An assessment to check that all is balanced could boost how you feel during menopause. 


Adding a natural antimicrobial supplement to your diet to support gut health, like AM Caps, is a way to holistically treat your body for better wellbeing. Another way to do this is by eating clean, healthy food. Sure, no one wants to diet when they’re feeling changes in mood and energy, but good nutrition actually helps with memory and concentration and can even make you feel more optimistic. 


The RID eating plan means nutrient-dense meals yet delicious food for a lower calorie intake. As for moving your body, exercising not only helps keep stress in check but weight-bearing exercise (even light weights) also helps with bone density. Want to sleep better? Exercise is also very necessary to your wellbeing at this time. Well, then, exercise! See how it all goes hand-in-hand?


Menopause is inevitable, but how you navigate it is up to you.

 As you become comfortable with the idea of menopause and all that it means for you, know that you’re not on your own journey. These days, expert medical professionals are literally at your fingertips to help guide you and suggest ways you can feel and look better. Use them. You have a long life to live. Make it your very best. 



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