MicroTox: Put Your Fresh Face Forward This New Year 

MicroTox: Put Your Fresh Face Forward This New Year

As back-to-work slides in (or maybe you’re still in bikini mode), hopefully, your vibe is as chilled as your Mojito. Did your mindset do well during that festive break? But what about your skin? Perhaps, with the sun, snacking and sipping on delicious bubbles, your face needs a little TLC. You may be ready to tackle 2024, but your skin craves a little post-holiday prep. Say hello to the MicroTox Glow Facial


Fresh Face Forward: Two Treatments, One Innovative Therapy 

The beauty of treating skin these days is you don’t have to care for it one therapy at a time. Sessions are combined into one treatment – not only for clever time management but because adding one therapy to another really works. In other words, selected for their ability to renew skin when fused together, one plus one equals way more than two. So, what’s on the MicroTox menu? The treatment is essentially micro-needling with Botulinum toxin layered on afterwards. And the latter is applied topically. What is the magic of joining this duo? It’s all about precision, getting to those areas of skin that need rejuvenation for a gorgeous refresh.


More About MicroTox: Get The Best by Doubling Up 

Think of two treatments in one, not as something heavier but more, just wonderfully more. More current, more active, and often more successful. You’re doubling up on how care in the form of medical aesthetics can transform your skin. Sound great? This is how MicroTox works; micro-needling across the entire face creates the tinniest of channels in the skin. 


This means that when topical Botulinum toxin is swept on (the second part of the treatment), it can absorb deeper into the skin. And it’s not just applied like you’d put on skincare products at home. It’s actually massaged into the face. This is an important way to get the treatment to hit the skin. This application method is known to relax facial lines and boost the look of smooth, youthful skin. You wanted a refreshed face, right? It all adds to a glow that shouts healthy, happy radiance. Happy New Year to that! 


As you gather your thoughts before 2024 hits full force, make skin treatment goals easy yet wonderfully effective. Make your in-clinic treatment time work the hardest it’s ever had to graft for you. The results are all yours to grab onto this year. Happy New (Skin) Year to you! 


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