Stubborn Pigmentation: Why Mesobrite is Going To Be The No.1 Solution

Stubborn Pigmentation: Why Mesobrite is Going To Be The No.1 Solution

Your beach break was amazing. You did the waves, sundowners, pool lounging and, yes, lots of lie-ins. But, now, back to work for you. And back to serious skincare, right? We know the drill. If you’re seeing the effects of a December holiday well-spent, forgive yourself. Skin conditions like Melasma (hormonal pigmentation) are dynamic, active and stubborn pigmentation means you will need ongoing treatment. And since living in sunny SA is a recipe for hyperpigmentation (darkening patches creating uneven tone), having a solid solution is about living confidentially in the skin you’re in. 


Mesobrite for Stubborn Pigmentation: The Peel That’s Got You Covered

Heard about sneaking up on pigmentation and zapping it with a chemical peel? This means of exfoliation is a way of sloughing off dead surface skin cells (the superficial layer of your dermis) to reveal that gorgeous, new, dewy skin that sits beneath. But what about dark marks that lie deeper? That’s often Melasma for you – and this type of pigmentation is stubborn to treat. And because it’s active (hello hormones and heat), you’re battling it constantly. 


Dark marks that are hard to shift also shouldn’t be exposed to further damage. For those with darker skin tones, the worry of post-treatment injuries like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is very real. So, a safe chemical peel suitable for every skin tone (especially those sensitive to inflammation) means the difference between hitting the target or creating further damage. Ideally, the peel should actually help control inflammatory triggers. 


And that’s the beauty of MesoBrite™. It covers stubborn dark mark treatment; however, it’s safe to not inflame the skin. Quite the opposite. In fact, it puts the brakes on inflammation. Impressive stuff! 


Peeling Good? Here’s How MesoBrite Makes Skin Amazing

There’s good reason to consult an expert skincare professional before diving into chemical peel therapy. What’s the best remedy for your skin that gives you radiant results rather than risks that might haunt you? Again, MesoBrite™ – and its partner MesoBrite Lite™ – are both low risk. And while the complications aren’t anything major to worry about, you’ll need to get your head around homecare. 


However, for melasma sufferers, PIH treatment, acne blemishes and even acne itself, these peels could mean less time covering with concealer and more time loving the skin you’re in. How to make your targeted MesoBrite™ choice? It’s all about how stubborn your dark marks are. In other words, how deep-seated that Melasma or PIH is. That’s why it’s a highly professional treatment done under the supervision of doctors by medical skin therapists. 


This two-part therapy needs their expertise: layers of peel and deep de-pigmenting mask are the first bit. Post-clinic treatment, the at-home kit with maintenance creams means your results can be boosted. And you have the support of a medical skin team, so there’s no feeling of DIY and “now what?” 


There’s no need to obsess over uneven skin tone or specific patches that don’t seem to quit. Safe chemical peels are here (it’s 2024, thank goodness), helping all women despite their previous pigmentation challenges. What’s ahead? Noticeably improved dark marks and a chance to actively treat conditions like Melasma with a no harm done approach. And that’s the most important headspace when it comes to treatment. 


Happy skin, everyone! 



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