MD Codes: The Perfect Way To Streamline Your Features

MD Codes: The Perfect Way To Streamline Your Features

Meet the MD Codes. We’ve all seen overblown trout pouts and completely frozen foreheads and it’s never a good look. Alas, the thing about aesthetic “tweakments” is that you only ever see the bad work. Injectable treatments like dermal filler and botulinum toxin – commonly referred to as “Botox” – can help make you look like the very best version of you. In fact, when used masterfully by a highly-skilled injector, nobody will realise you’ve had anything done. You need only ever look refreshed and refined.

Something that’s really helped change the game for injectables is a practice known as the MD Code method. Created by a world famous plastic surgeon, Dr Mauricio de Maio. The technique is essentially a finite guide for a series of injection points based on a much deeper understanding of facial anatomy. Better yet, the MD Codes method doesn’t just treat the current signs of ageing but can act preventively too.

Enhance like a pro with MD Codes

When your doctor uses the MD Codes method, they don’t just consider one part of your face. They take all your features into account and realise that treating one area could have a knock-on effect on another. The way dark under eye circles are treated is a good example. An inexperienced injector might simply fill up your under eye area using dermal filler. This could result in the filler shifting downwards. Creating something even worse than dark circles – under eye bags!

An MD Code injector, however, knows this. Instead, they’ll first inject a slightly more viscous filler to the tops of your cheeks to create what can best be described as a dam wall. This wall will help keep any filler applied to just beneath your eyes in its place. As an added bonus, you’ll get to enjoy more defined-looking cheek bones!

A little lift

Speaking of cheek bones. By adding a bit of dermal filler to the top of your cheeks plus in your forehead area can help lift the skin in the lower part of your face. The result? A firmer-looking jawline! (Think about it – if you had to pop a pillow under your dress, holding it over your tummy, the hemline of your skirt would naturally raise.)

There’s another way that dermal filler can help refine your jaw and that’s by injecting it directly along your jawline, the front of your chin as well as just in front of your ear. When positioned masterfully, it can give your jaw a sleeker look and strengthen a weak chin.

Love your lips

Remember our mention of trout pouts? This isn’t something you ever have to worry about if you’re in the hands of an MD Code injector. An inexperienced doctor might overfill or just point and shoot willy-nilly, creating a puffy look as opposed to a shapely one. The MD Code method, however, will enhance your mouth in a way that only ever looks natural. This is thanks to relying on a very specific 8-point pattern using up to four different injection techniques while targeting different depths within your dermis. It even takes the fine lines around your lips into account, something that can easily be softened using dermal filler injected via micro-droplet technique.

See the MD Codes difference

If you’ve caught yourself looking in the mirror and been surprised to see a tired, not-so-fresh face staring back at you, it’s time to discover the MD Codes difference. Just a few cleverly positioned injection points could be all it takes to rejuvenate your face in a way that’s subtle, but makes a dramatic difference. Nobody need ever know you enjoyed a little ‘tweakment’ and you’ll get to enjoy all those “looking good” compliments next time you post a selfie!


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