Technology Trends: How They Save Your Skin

Technology Trends: How They Save Your Skin

Part One: The Fusion of Tech and Skincare 

There’s hype around highly innovative treatments that may have you desperate to book. However, some myths still shroud these treatments in mystery. All that means is that you’re missing out.  Take new-age laser – think device-driven treatment – that’s safe for all skin types, giving all complexions the power of revolutionary rejuvenation and needing to choose something to sort out many a skin issue and give you a hit of youth? You’ll love the latest advanced skin therapies and technology trends, ready and waiting to help you achieve your skin goals. 


Fusion Tech: No More Risky Business

So you have some scarring and wish it was gone? You may want a skin rewind or a refresh. Do you go with laser or light treatment? First, it’s critical to figure out the difference. Light therapy is known to be gentler – although that doesn’t mean laser treatments can’t be amazing. And these days, it is totally suitable for all skin types – this is 2024, after all. Take an expert light therapy treatment like Photo Dynamic Light Therapy (PDT)


Through a combo of wavelengths of light, it helps get the skin’s healing and rejuvenation processes to work deep within the tissue. It boosts your body’s own repair and is very low risk with no downtime. Use as a de-ageing treatment to soften lines and give your skin that gorgeous smoothness, refined tone and glow. It’s also your best friend to book as a duo therapy with treatments that need amplified healing, as it does contain anti-inflammatory properties. Laser, however, turns things up a notch. Don’t panic; ditch the tired notion that your skin will look worse before the going gets good. This is where fusion tech is able to tailor-make a skincare solution so you’re hitting those goals and doing it safely. And that means safely for every skin type. 


While laser may have a rep of too much heat energy that skin can handle (enter potential damage of burning or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), those days are well and truly behind us. With expert care and savvy skin therapies technology trends can work in your favour. Take laser treatments combined with solutions that customise your rejuvenation plan give skin safer options with faster healing time. There are also exciting topicals that can be added to the treatment magic.  


Technology Trends Saving Your Skin: Why Growth Factors Work in Your Favour

The brilliance of a customised tech treatment is what’s being chosen to penetrate deeper into the skin while the laser, light, or device does its job. In other words, the added extras. Growth factors (these stimulate collagen) are often used in new-age tech treatments. Fractional Fusion is a great example of a customised treatment that uses growth factors to up your skin rewards game. The actual laser treatment means targeting the exact main concern without touching the surrounding area of skin (that’s what makes it so savvy). But thanks to those added therapy benefits (like growth factors), this lovely laser becomes a multi-tasking mega-force. 


Essentially, you want growth factors to repair skin. And you want them to be able to get “right in there” so they can work deep within cells. Growth factors are also used in rejuvenation treatments like The Vampire Facial and in helping lessen the look of dark under-eye circles, which are vital proteins for healing injuries. If you think of ageing skin as a complexion that’s damaged little by little over time, then you get why growth factors are so important. And why it’s so clever to use them through a tech treatment. 


There should be no question marks around amazing tech skin treatments that will help you save face. The trend now is the gold standard before you know it; what’s happening in the world of innovative medical aesthetics will excite and impress you. But most importantly, it will shore up your skin. And that’s the best news ever. 


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